Thursday, April 5, 2018

Down on the Farm: Your 2018 Sacramento River Cats

The Sacramento River Cats finally release their 2018 Roster on their website.  Since they are starting the season tonight, this is not likely to change:

Pitchers:  Tyler Beede RHP, Jose Flores RHP, Joan Gregorio RHP, Tyler Herb RHP, Chris Heston RHP, Casey Kelly RHP, Derek Law RHP, Steven Okert LHP, Dereck Rodriguez RHP, Tyler Rogers RHP, D J Snelton LHP, Andrew Suarez LHP, Jose Valdez RHP, Madison Younginer RHP.

Catchers:  Trevor Brown, Hector Sanchez.

Infielders:  Orlando Calixte IF, Chase D'Arnaud IF, Miguel Gomez 2B, Alen Hanson 2B, Kyle Jensen 1B, Ryder Jones 1B/3B, Josh Rutledge IF.

Outfielders:  Steven Duggar, Myles Schroder, Chris Shaw, Austin Slater, Mac Williamson.

Love that there are so many legit prospects on this team, but gotta say, I'm not sure how everybody finds playing time.  I see 8 potential SP's:  Beede, Flores, Gregorio, Herb, Heston, Kelly, Rodriguez and Suarez.  Duggar, Shaw, Slater and Mac all need to be getting at least 4 AB's everyday.

Seems like someone might have to go down to Richmond just to get playing time especially since Richmond's roster is not exactly prospect laden.


  1. Nice to see Schroder still sticking around. How many guys play ss, cf, and catcher?

    I bet he eventually gets a nice coaching gig with the org. I read Ciriaco will be coaching in SJ this year.

  2. I read someone noted the OF situation as well, and they asked if Slater might be prepped for super-utility, and that make sense to me. He has played 2B before, and if he can play all OF positions (not well, but adequately), then he should be able to play at least 3B, plus 1B, as well. So they could rotate him through the whole lineup, giving one start per week off to the rest of the lineup.

    This is not ideal, for full playing time for all, but if the plan/hope is that Duggar will force his way into the MLB lineup sometime in May, then at that point, Slater takes over in CF, so this would only be a short-time thing, 1-2 months.

    Lots in infielders as well, they are stocked for depth for sure this season.

    And that is a lot of starters, do you think they will piggy back some of them? Like Beede and Suarez would get regular starts, but then Flores, Herb, and Rodriguez starts, with Gregorio, Heston, and Kelly, following them and going as long as they can as well, that gets 7-8 innings done, then you go to Law, Okert, Sneldten, Rogers (which is a lot too, and Ramos, Osich, Moronta, Johnson might be joining soon)? And don't know where Younginer then fits in...