Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Scouting the 2018 Draft: Jarred Kelenic

Jarred Kelenic is a HS OF/LHP from Wisconsin who might be the best position prospect in the 2018 draft.  He is a muscular 6'1", 196 lbs, B-L, T-L with 5 tools.  Here are some numbers:

FB:  91 MPH.  OF Throw:  96 MPH.

60 yd dash:  6.57.

Exit Velocity: 96 MPH.

Perfect Game raves about him:  "CF range and speed.  RF throwing arm.  Highest level defensive OF."  "Big Power when he turns on the ball.  Will let is travel and drive it into the gaps."

On video, he looks bigger than his listed dimensions.  He generates tremendous bat speed with a minimum of extraneous movements.

The first comp that entered my mind looking at the videos....dare I say this?  A left-handed Mike Trout!  That could be his ceiling.  More likely outcome would be something more along the lines of Lenny Dykstra(hopefully the player, not the person).


DrB's 2018 Draft Board:

1.  Jarred Kelenic, OF, HS.
2.  Kumar Rocker, RHP, HS.
3.  Ethan Hankins, RHP, HS.
4.  Brady Singer, RHP, College(Florida).

IMO, you could put these names in any order and have a strong argument.  All things being otherwise equal, I think you have to go with the position player over the pitchers, which is why I have Kelenic #1 here.  You could also make the argument that if all 4 are approximately equal, you address organizational needs, which for the Giants is pitching.


  1. I love this kid Kelenic. Something about his swing just looked different than the other hitters on video, maybe it was the bat speed but his swing just had an explosion to it that I didn't see with his peers. In the one interview I saw he came off as somewhat quiet, thoughtful and intelligent and I get the sense from watching his interview and poise in game day film that he's very serious, in a good way, about baseball. I personally see star written all over this kid with a chance to be a super star. I just hope the Giants aren't put off on taking him because he's an outfielder with the glut of outfield prospects they already have like Duggar, Slater, Shaw potentially and Ramos.

  2. When was the last time the Giants had multiple CF on the farm, the early 70's? They won't pass on him, or any player, because of too much in the system. They will pass if they view a different player has haveing a better chance of staying up the middle of the diamond though. - Daveinexile

  3. I would have no problem with the Giants drafting him. Though I would rather the Giants draft one of the pitchers if they believe he is can be a "Top of the rotation pitcher". As of now there doesn't seem to be one in the farm system. Beede is too inconsistent. Suarez doesn't have overwhelming stuff. Anderson and Williams both have not pitched long enough or high enough to know what they are yet. I remember how Coonrod looked great till he got to Richmond. Pitching leads the way with the Giants and it would be nice to have a real potential ace in the pipeline.

  4. I've seen him in Top-5's, including going #1 over-all. There really is no clear-cut #1 guy in this draft. And even the Top-5 isn't particularly uniform. There are couple of SS that pop in-and-out (Turang even going #1). Some of the pitchers drop to 15 in one mock while being #1 in another. I've seen the Giants 'select' Gorman the 3B, Singer, Rocker and Hankins so far. I've seen Singer #1 and drop to mid-pack along with Rocker & Hankins.