Thursday, July 20, 2017

Blogger's Note

I have an early meeting this morning so will post yesterday's Game Wrap and Down on the Farm later.  In the meantime feel free to discuss those or Trade Deadline rumors or anything else related to baseball.

Highlights:  Did Matt Cain's QS and Buster Posey's game winning double make you think it was 2010 again for a second?

Tyler Beede turned in his 3'rd QS in 5 starts allowing just 1 unearned run.  His ERA is 3.22 over that 5 start span.


  1. A lot of what might have been the last 2 games!
    A boost for those who believe the Giants can compete for a WC in 2018, which most likely includes the SF front office (the only ones who count!).
    Head shaking for those who don't believe in that big a turn-around, observing that 90% the roster (excepting Posey and a few relievers) must have a better 2018 to make up 20 games for the WC: with 12 teams ahead of them, they have to do better than 8 of them to be the "play-in" visitor!

  2. The news that seems to have a large part of the fan base up in arms is the possible/probable return of Pablo Sandoval. At first I thought this was a joke, then the more I read the more I realized this may happen! But why? Laying aside all of his antics associated with his departure to Boston, the man is just not a good baseball player. He was DFAd for crying out loud! I do not see any way in the world how anyone in the front office can see this as anything more than a PR stunt. From a business standpoint, it may be a good move. But from a purely baseball point of view, it makes absolutely no sense and will only serve to make this organization a bigger laughing stock in 2017 than it already is.

  3. Glad to see Beede get his pitching back under control.

    I didn't see the game winning double. After Tomlinson's brain-fart I turned it off as my capacity for 'tragic losses' has been pretty much used up this year.

  4. What really fits the 2017 Giants is re-signing Sandoval, a player so bad that the Red Sox are eating 50 million dollars to be rid of him, a player who pocketed many millions without taking more than rudimentary steps to be in playing condition for his fans and team and employers, a player who cast shade on the team that brought him along and rewarded him for his whole privious career . . . Now he will usurp playing time from young men who could be the Giants' future in AAA. Who next, Aubrey Huff?

    1. I've been saying the same thing except the Aubrey Huff part.

  5. Man, Buster's pinch hit double was almost "herculean"! I almost turned off the game when Cain faltered in the third. I am so glad I didn't. A lot of teams seem to be sniffing for Strickland as well as Nunez. I would not have even entertained a Pablo Sandoval reunion. Is he even in the picture 2018? I doubt it. SS Orlando Garcia, who was drafted in the 15th round this season, is hitting really good at Salem. Any thoughts on his projectability?

  6. Regarding Sandoval: after he clears waivers he can be signed to a minor league contract (right?) -- he might have some appeal in Sacramento.
    I might go see him play!
    There's always a chance he'll take a mighty swing and his pants will fall off. Again.
    For the most part, Orlando Calixte is playing 3rd with appearances by Ali Castillo, Juan Ciriaco, and T J Bennett.
    Pablo might be refreshing!
    Besides, the Giants may still have some panda hats to sell! Can you imagine a game with panda hat giveaways? Signed?
    What the heck --Bill Veeck signed a -- uh -- a vertically challenged player once. What's wrong with a overweight panda?
    After ending the sellout streak, this could start a new one!

  7. Tomlinson's "brain fart" was unfortunate, but all's well that ends well. That aside, he looked comfortable and he still almost threw the guy out. And he stole two bases. Granted, it was not his best day to say the least, but I'll not give up on my favorite Flying Squirrel, and I think the Gs would be wise to do the same. There's a player in there Whois capable of playing multiple positions well if given the chance more often.

    On another note, I love it when the "Bomb Squad" gets ragged on unmercifully and then shuts up the critics with another win. To my recollection, they are now 2-0.

    1. Tomlinson makes Panik expendable if someone wants to pay dearly for him
      Earth to Bochy: play Kelby!

  8. Seriously, runner on 3rd, 2 outs, do you pitch to Posey at .328 or Crawford at .229?
    Posey hit a rocket but Myers was in the way.
    So, it was a good decision?
    Magic from the last 2 games wasn't there in the 4th.
    Long way to go.