Monday, January 16, 2017

Fantasy Focus: Impact Rookies- Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy, C, Rockies.

2016 AAA:  .327/.361/.647, 26 2B, 7 3B, 19 HR, 5.0 BB%, 24.3 K%, 321 PA.
2016 MLB:  .273/.347/.659, 5 HR, 8.2 BB%, 38.8 K%, 49 PA.

I already listed OF David Dahl on my all-breakout team.  As if they needed even more firepower in their lineup, the Rockies also have an impact rookie at the catcher position.  Tom Murphy has averaged 33 HR/600 PA in the minor leagues and has hit 8 dingers in 88 PA's as a major leaguer.  The strikeouts may be a problem, and he's not a great defensive catcher.  He also has to win the starting job from the lighter hitting Tony Wolters, but oh my!  You see that kind of power from a guy who is going to play half their games in Coor's Field and as a fantasy baseball owner, you want to jump on it!  The Rockies are probably still short in their rotation and still have problems in their bullpen, but they will definitely score some runs in 2017!

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