Tuesday, January 3, 2017

DrB's 2017 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #35 Gio Brusa

Gio Brusa, OF.  DOB:  7/26/1993.  B-S, T-R.  6'3", 220 lbs.  Drafted in 2016 Round 6 out of Univ. of Pacific.

2016 SS:  .264/.298/.495, 15 2B, 3 3B, 10 HR, 4.6 BB%, 29.0 K%, 238 PA.

Whoever coined the word "enigma" had Gio Brusa in mind at the time.  Brusa is a big, strong, 5 tool athlete who wowed scouts at the Cape Cod League, but was an inconsistent hitter in college ball.  He stayed in school for his senior season after his stock dropped for the 2015 draft.  The Giants love them some CCL stars, so grabbed him in the 2016 draft.

A look at some of the many videos available on the internet immediately shows why he sometimes struggles at the plate.  The swing is huge!  We'll call it the full windup.  From both sides of the plate.  I would go so far as to say if he does not learn to tone that bad boy down he'll never make it.  The swing is reflected in his low BB/high K rate.  On the other hand, almost half of his hits were for extra bases.  He is big and strong enough that he should still have plenty of power with a shorter swing, so the possibilities are there.  He is strictly a corner OF, so the bat is going to have to play.

We'll most likely see him in San Jose for 2017, unless the Giants keep him back to work on the swing.

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  1. I checked out his videos and I see what you mean.