Saturday, January 21, 2017

DrB's 2017 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #50 Nick Hill

Nick Hill,  3B.  DOB:  8/2/1994.  B-R, T-R, 6'4", 190 lbs.  Drafted in 2016 Round 26 from Eckard College.

2016 R:  .263/.330/.343, 8 2B, 3 3B, 0 HR, 17 SB, 4.6 BB%, 24.2 K%, 9 HBP, 196 PA.
2016 SS:  .231/.231/.308, 2B, SB, 0.0 BB%, 15.4 K%, 13 PA.

Nick Hill is another guy who I think was a savvy draft pick by the Giants.  Has a lot of speed for a guy that big.  Lots of room to fill out his frame.  Drafted as an OF, but moved to 3B in his pro debut.  Giants usually use late season promos to send prospects to their probable assignment for the following season so expect Nick Hill to stay behind in camp and show up in S-K's lineup on opening day of the NWL.  Lots of room for growth in this prospect.


  1. Thanks for the top 50 doc, amazing that there's significant potential with the man at #50 - great job with that.

    I'll admit my attention has shifted a bit to seeing whether the niners will put together a reasonable front office moving forward. As the Giants have shown us, a strong and dynamic front office & head coach mean everything to an organization. Owners, finances and talent are of course critical, but you can't hang in the big leagues and through the second half of a season + playoffs, without a crafty set of leaders to guide that ship.

    I'll also admit I'm holding out a little hope that the Giants find a great buy here towards the end of FA season to improve the infield power capacity and the lineup, while hopefully retaining that gold glove triplet up the middle. I believe we can upgrade from Nunez and Adrianza.


  2. I really don't understand why so many people are down on Nunez. For everything we love about the 2015 duffy, the 2016 Nunez put up very similar numbers (with 28 more steals to boot).

    Duffy: AVG: 295 OBP: 334 OPS: 762 SB: 12 HR: 12
    Nunez: AVG: 288 OBP: 325 OPS: 758 SB: 40 HR: 16

    We all know Nunez struggled offensively and defensively for the 1st month as a Giant while he was getting acclimated to his new home and position. He really picked it up down the stretch. His hitting shouldn't change much per Fangraph analysis on contact hitting ( but I did see his defense improve dramatically as he got more playing time at 3rd. I wonder with the offseason and spring training if this former speedy shortshop can develop into a gold glove caliber 3rd baseman. If he can I don't see why we would trade big parts of our farm for an upgrade at a position where we are already strong.

    1. I dont think people are down on him as much as he's just not a star. He's also versatile. If they can get a better 3B, they can push him to a super utility role where he has better value.

    2. Probably due to the fact that Duffy was "ours," and 4 years younger.

    3. You have to remember that it wasn't just Nunez replacing Duffy. Getting Nunez make Duffy available to help get Matt Moore. I'll take Nunez + Moore for Duffy plus the prospects every day of the week.

      There were games in September when Nunez was carrying the team. He looked like the only guy who wanted to be out there.

      I don't get who people think the Giants are going to get to play 3B who is better then Nunez and/or Gillaspie. Nunez is just fine for the position with Gillaspie backing up 3B and 1B. If Crawford or Panik were to get hurt, Nunez could slide over and Gillaspie becomes the starter at 3B. That setup is A-OK with me. If the Giants are going to make a serious upgrade, go for LF rather than rolling the dice on Mac/Jarrett. But who are we kidding? If the Giants are not going to sign or trade for any player requiring a significant payroll increase.