Wednesday, January 4, 2017

DrB's 2017 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #37 TJ Bennett

TJ Bennett, 2B.  DOB:  7/22/1992.  B-L, T-R.  6'3", 215 lbs.  Undrafted FA.

2016 A+:  .284/.357/.482, 15 2B, 3B, 9 HR, 8.0 BB%, 26.8 K%, 250 PA.

If you are looking for an underdog to root for, look no further than TJ Bennett who the Giants signed as a FA after 2 years of playing indy ball.  Despite being quite big for a 2B, Bennett had never shown much power in college or indy ball before putting up impressive numbers in the Cal League.  Looking at his swing on video, it looks like a stroke that should produce power.  He's always been a high walk/high strikeout hitter, so the power is really necessary to make that approach work.  He should get a chance to take on AA and the EL for Richmond in 2017.  If he does well there, he's on the doorstep of the majors.

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  1. He's also one of the nicest guys around. He's always interacting with fans, especially the little kids. He can't turn down someone who asks him for a picture, autograph, or every just to have a little conversation. Add that to his underdog, out of nowhere status and he's one of the easiest guys to root for.