Monday, January 2, 2017

DrB's 2017 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #33 Johneshwy Fargas

Johneshwy Fargas, OF.  DOB:  12/15/1994.  B-R, T-R.  6'1", 170 lbs.  Drafted 2013 Round 11, HS Puerto Rico.

2015 A:  .278./347/.349, 19 2B, 2 3B, 2 HR, 59 SB, 6.1 BB%, 14.2 K%, 458 PA.
2016 A+:  .172/.255/.216, 0 2B, 3 3B, 0 HR, 9 SB, 7.8 BB%, 26.1 K%, 153 PA.
2016 A:  .275/.340/.354, 11 2B, 3 3B, 2 HR, 32 SB, 7.4 BB%, 17.6 K% 323 PA.

Johneshwy Fargas had a breakout season for Augusta in 2015, or so it seemed.  You look at his batting line and there really isn't too much there to be concerned about for the future.  Maybe the walk rate and power are a bit shy, but the K's were OK and you don't necessarily expect a player of his profile to walk a lot or hit a bunch of dingers.  So, what happened when he moved up to San Jose and a league where hitters generally thrive?  He did a faceplant!   He was just completely overmatched!  He got sent back to Augusta where he resumed putting up about the same numbers he did on 2015.

So, we should expect Fargas to get another shot at San Jose and the Cal League in 2017, right?  Here's where the numbers game starts to get complicated.  The Giants have so darn many OF prospects, it's a bit hard to see where Fargas is going to play next year.  I would expect San Jose to have the 2015 draft OF triumvirate of Reynolds, Quinn and Brusa as their OF starters, unless Reynolds or Quinn get a hyperagressive assignment to Richmond.  Jacob Heyward and Sandro Fabian seem set at the corners for Augusta next spring which would leave Fargas fighting Malique Zeigler, Ashford Fulmer and Woody Edwards for CF.

I don't think the Giants want to give up on Fargas just yet.  Here's what Eric Longenhagen of Fangraphs had to say about him:  "Fargas is a plus-plus runner with physical projection who flashes gap power and impact range in centerfield, but who is also extremely raw in all facets of the game." I'll guess the Giants resolve the playing time dilemma in one of two ways:  1.  They will give either Quinn or Reynolds an aggressive assignment to Richmond.  2.  They will keep Zeigler in camp and send him to Salem-Keizer while Fulmer and Edwards fight for ABs as reserves with Augusta and San Jose.

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