Friday, September 7, 2018

Down on the Farm: Sacramento River Cats 2018 Season Review

From a performance standpoint, the Sacramento River Cats, the Giants AAA affiliate, had a bad season.  They finished dead last in the PCL Pacific Northern Division with a record of 55-85.  The only PCL team with a worse W-L record was the Iowa Cubs at 50-88.  While the River Cats had more than their share of disappointing performances, the true measure of a AAA team is how much it was able to help the affiliated MLB club.  In their case, a string of injuries to Giants players forced a strip mining of the Sacramento roster and you know what?  Those promoted players more than held their own at the MLB level and even gave promise of continuing to help in future seasons!

TEAM LEADERS:  (Keep in mind that a AAA team is going to be a motley mixture of prospects, AAAA players and rehabbing veterans):

BA(200+ AB):  1.  Cesar Puello- .313.  2.  Chase d'Arnaud- .292.  3.  Ryder Jones- .274.

HR:  1. Chris Shaw- 24.  2. Mac Williamson- 13.  3.  Chase d'Arnaud- 12.

SB:  1.  Chase d'Arnaud- 15.  2.  Orlando Calixte- 14.  3.  Steven Duggar- 11.

2B:  1.  Steven Duggar- 27.  2.  Austin Slater-24.  3.  Ryder Jones- 22.

3B:  Steven Duggar, Ryder Jones, Chase d'Arnaud, Peter Bourjos- 4.

Hits:  1.  Ryder Jones- 121.  Orlando Calixte- 108.  Chris Shaw- 102.

Runs:  1. Ryder Jones- 57.  2.  Chris Shaw- 55.  3.  Chase d'Arnaud- 54.

RBI:  1.  Chris Shaw- 65.  2.  Ryder Jones- 59.  3. Orlando Calixte- 48.

IP:  1.  Casey Kelly- 136.  2.  Daniel Camarena- 79.2.  3.  Tyler Beede- 74.

Games Started:  1.  Casey Kelly- 24.  2.  Daniel Camarena- 15.  3.  Tyler Herb- 13.

Saves:  1.  Dereck Law- 8.  2.  Pierce Johnson- 4.  3.  Tyler Rogers- 3.

SP ERA(50 IP threshold):  1.  Dereck Rodriguez- 3.40.  2.  Jordan Johnson- 4.66.  3.  Casey Kelly- 4.76.

RP ERA(25 IP threshold:  1.  Tyler Rogers- 2.13(67.2 IP).  2.  Ray Black- 3.16.  3.  Derek Law- 4.20.

Strikeouts:  1.  Casey Kelly- 111.  2.  Tyler Beede- 75.  3.  Daniel Camarena- 64.

K/9(25 IP threshold):  1.  Ray Black- 16.13.  2.  Steven Okert- 12.22.  3.  Jose Valdez- 10.58.

BB/9(25 IP threshold):  1.  Dereck Rodriguez- 1.97.  2.  Derek Law- 1.99.  3.  Shaun Anderson- 2.09.

K/BB(25 IP, threshold):  1.  Ray Black- 5.75.  2.  Steven Okert- 5.38.  3.  Dereck Rodriguez- 4.82.

Significant Contributors to  MLB Giants:  Mac Williamson(Promising start cut short by concussion), Alen Hanson, Austin Slater, Steven Duggar, Chase d'Arnaud, Dereck Rodriguez, Andrew Suarez, Ray Black.

To those who rail about how terrible and barren the Giants farm system is, I ask one question:  How did such a terrible farm system produce all those players who made significant contributions at the MLB level in one season?

Significant Promotions from Lower Levels:  Aramis Garcia, Tyler Herb, Shaun Anderson.

Looking Ahead to 2019:  Aramis Garcia, Tyler Herb, Shaun Anderson, Logan Webb, Ryan Howard, CJ Hinojosa, Abiatal Avelino, Luigi Rodriguez?, Chase Johnson?, Ryan Halstead?, Dillon McNamara?, Patrick Ruotolo?, Ian Gardeck?, Dylan Davis? Jacob Heyward?

Burning Question:  What happened to Tyler Beede and can he rise from the ashes of this terrible season?

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  1. Don't forget that they also provided Chris Stratton a place to get his stuff back. Awesome lifeline by Sacramento to SF this season. Can't wait to see the team next year.