Friday, November 29, 2019

Scouting the 2020 Draft: Pete Crow-Armstrong

Pete Crow-Armstrong OF.  HS.  B-L, T-L.  6'1", 175 lbs.

Pete Crow-Armstrong is the latest product from sports factory Harvard Westlake HS in CA.  Another B-L, T-L speedy OF from the current HS class.  He is a true speedster with a 6.5 60 yd dash time.  He also has hit 93 MPH on OF throws.  On video, he's on the thin side, but currently wiry strong with room to fill out his frame in a good way.  On top of those tools, he is considered by most scouts to be the most polished HS player in this draft class.  Fangraphs capsule summary:  " runner with good baseball instincts and contact skills to go with sneaky power and a strong track record of hitting."  Like Robert Hassell, who has very similar tools and skills, Pete is committed to Vanderbilt which may make him tough to sign.


We've covered 4 HS OF's in the top 10 of Fangraphs current 2020 draft board.  Trying to separate them or even rank them in any particular order is a challenge. All four bat left-handed and 3 of the 4 also throw left-handed(Hendrick, Hassell, Crow-Armstrong) which means they can only play 1B and OF.   Fangraphs has Austin Hendrick highest at #6.  I have him lowest of the four because to me his legs look like more of a corner profile which puts a lot of pressure on the bat and everybody seems to agree that his swing, while promising, needs a lot of work.  To me, Zac Veen has the highest ceiling due to his height and frame and it's not really close.  On the other hand, tall hitters tend to have holes in their swings so there is bust potential here.  Hassell and Crow-Armstrong are the most polished and have the best chance to stay in CF so probably have the highest floors, but they are both committed to Vandy which makes them questionable for signing for even first round money.

As for how this group ranks in the overall list, remember statistically the best ROI in the draft comes from college players, particularly hitters, so don't be surprised if more college players jump in front if the HS peloton which could make for some interesting and tough choices for Giants scouts when they  draft at #13.


DrB's Updated 2020 Draft Board:

1.  Austin Martin SS, College(Vanderbilt).
2.  Spencer Torkelson 1B, College(Arizona St).
3.  Emerson Hancock RHP, College(Georgia).
4.  Cole Wilcox RHP, College(Georgia).
5.  Zac Veen OF, HS.
6.  Robert Hassell OF, HS.
7.  Pete Crow-Armstrong OF, HS.
8.  Jared Kelley RHP, HS.
9.  Mick Abel RHP, HS.
10. Austin Hendrick OF, HS.

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