Monday, March 19, 2018

Scouting the 2018 Draft: Jake McCarthy; Blaine Knight

Jake McCarthy, OF, College(Virginia).  B-L, T-L.  6'2", 195 lbs.

2018:  .314/.407/.424, 8 SB, 11 BB, 8 K, 51 AB.
2017:  .338/.425/.506, 11 2B, 7 3B, 5 HR, 27 SB, 26 BB, 35 K, 237 AB.

If the name seems familiar, it is because Jake is the brother of former draft prospect Joe McCarthy.  Joe does not have Jake's power, but is a faster runner and therefore may be drafted higher than the 5'th round which is where Joe went.   .314 is not a great BA for a college hitter, so he needs to turn it up  and get closer to last year's .338.  If he does, I could see him being drafted as a second rounder or even late first round in a relatively thin crop of college hitters.


Blaine Knight, RHP, College(Arkansas).  6'3", 165 lbs.

2018:  3-0, 1.30, 27.2 IP, 5 BB, 25 K.
2017:  8-4, 3.28, 90.2 IP, 20 BB, 96 K.
2016:  2-1, 2.98, 48.1 IP, 14 BB, 46 K.

Knight is a super skinny guy with a FB that sits 90-94 MPH and has touched 97.  He combines that with advanced secondary offerings.  I see him as a second round draft candidate.


DrB's Updated 2018 Draft Board:

1.  Nander De Sedas, SS, HS.
2.  Jarred Kelenic, OF, HS.
3.  Casey Mize, RHP, College(Auburn)
4.  Shane McClanahan, College(South Florida)
5.  Kumar Rocker, RHP, HS
6.  Matthew Liberatore, LHP, HS.
7.  Travis Swaggerty, OF, College(South Alabama)
8.  Logan Gilbert, RHP, College(Stetson).

Mize followed up his no-hitter by striking out 13 against Texas A&M.  McClanahan struck out 16 in a combined no-hitter.  Their rise is the cause of Rocker and Liberatore dropping rather than any disappointment with either of the high schoolers.


  1. Dr. B.,

    Thanks for the blog. It is daily reading for me, and I appreciate both your posts and the comments provided by other readers. Thank you to all!

    A question: Are there any high school pitchers or hitters available in the upcoming draft who profile as fast-movers through the minor leagues? It would be great to see the Giants bring up, say, a 20 year old who can play at the MLB level for a number of years. I know these players are few and far between, but with the #2 pick is there anyone who might be available? (Or is it simply too difficult to say?)


    1. I would say Matthew Liberatore LHP, and Jarred Kelenic OF, would be the 2 most likely fast movers from the HS crop. Kumar Rocker, RHP and Nander De Sedas may have higher ceilings but would possibly take longer to fully develop. At least that's my take.

    2. Yeah, Liberatore looks like the guy for quick and 20 YO, from what I've been reading. I will have to look up Kelnic. Singer won't be 20 YO, but he could be up in 2 years as well, he seems to be the consensus top college pitcher, and probable #1 pick per some.

      Rare, but the Giants have done it twice with Cain and Bumgarner, both were up at 20 YO or before (Bum!). Hopefully Heliot makes it three? :^)