Sunday, October 23, 2016

Scouting the 2017 Draft: Jeren Kendall

We'll try to get an earlier start on the draft coverage this year.  The Giants currently hold the 21'st selection in the 2017 amateur draft.  They are likely to keep that pick as Kenley Jansen is the only potential FA target who is likely to get a QO.  I don't expect the Giants to pick up any additional picks as they do not have any departing FA's who are worthy of a QO.  They could move up from the 21'st pick by a slot or two, but there are not a lot of QO worthy FA's this year, so I don't probably not much higher than that #19 or 20.

Let's dive into some scouting reports:

Jeren Kendall is a true 5 tool CF prospect who plays for Vanderbilt.  He goes 5'11- 6'0", 180-190 lbs depending on which report you read.  He B-L, T-R.  He committed to Vandy in 2014 after not playing much in HS.  He was  considered extremely talented, but raw.  PG had him with a 6.34 60 yd dash and under 4 secs to 1B.  His FB velocity off the mound was just 82 mph, but he was clocked at 93 on an OF throw. He gets high marks for his intelligence, even temper and hard work.  Here are his stat lines from his first 2 seasons at Vandy:

2015:  .281/.394/.530, 10 2B, 6 3B, 8 HR, 19 SB, 21 BB, 60 K, 185 AB.
2016:  .332/.396/.568, 16 2B, 8 3B, 9 HR, 28 SB, 25 BB, 62 K, 250 AB.

He projects as a true CF with more gap power than HR power, although he probably has 20 HR potential, with 20+ SB potential.  Downsides are he still needs to work on his plate discipline, he has not performed that well in the Cape Cod League and his power upside is limited by his size.  He is currently projected to be drafted in the top 10 picks, so it is unlikely the Giants have a shot at him.


  1. Okay, you know a ton more than me about college and high school prospects. That said, I just have one question. I thought the Giants held a prospect's performance in the Cape Cod League very high. If this guy isn't performing there, regardless of his projection ( Because their board always seems to be very different from everyone else's.), why do you think they would go after him?

    1. Erik.

      Maybe you could point out to me where I said the Giants would go after him? I am doing a series on draft prospects here. I think I said that if things remain as they are, Kendall will probably be off the board long before the Giants pick. As we get closer to the draft, we will narrow it down to who might be available when the Giants pick and who they may like out of that group.

      And yes, the Giants have tended to lean toward drafting players who have performed well in the CCL. That being said, Kendall's performance in the 2015 CCL was not great, but it wasn't terrible either and that was coming off his freshman season. He only played in 6 CCL games in 2016 because he was on the Collegiate National Team, where by all accounts he performed well.

    2. Boy, you can be pretty nippy sometimes Doc. Love the blog, always will, buy reducing the ammount that you (intentionally or otherwise) shame your commenters with biting replies will probably improve the willingness of folks to step up & contribute their opinions.

      Just an observation from an ardent reader.

      (PS - I am referring to the sentence, "maybe you could point out to me...". It's a clearly rhetorical and backhanded response. Your commenter clearly meant no harm with his misunderstanding of your take or what the purpose of this series is here. I'm guessing he figured any prospect you did a piece on was one you're suggesting for the Giant's draft. Having been here a few years, I and others already know differently, but this is probably a young guy new to your site.. I've seen this from you previously and fairly often, but it's your site and you can run it as you so please.)

    3. Easy there. My mistake. Already said you knew more than me. Didn't understand what your intent was. Also you wrote projected in the top ten. But its early and players generally rise and fall, with the Giants top pick last year being a good example. Bryan Reynolds was at one point a consensus top 15 college prospect and he dropped to the second round. Signability issues have moved players down also.

    4. Sorry if it came across as chippy, and I definitely was not trying to shame anyone. I appreciate the comments.

      Again, I am planning a series of posts looking at individual draft prospects regardless of projected draft position and whether they are "Giantsy." As we approach the draft, I'll try to refine the information in the context of the Giants draft position, tendencies and organizational needs and draw up a reasonable Giants draft board. Sorry if I did not make that clear.

  2. This is one of the reasons I like this blog so much: Excellent posts from Dr. B, quality comments, and civil discourse. So glad to see misunderstandings smoothed over rather than what often occurs elsewhere online. Thank you all.