Monday, October 31, 2016

Giants 2017 Depth Charts: Third Base

At the beginning of the 2016 season, Matt Duffy appeared to be the Giants 3'rd baseman for at least the next few seasons.  Then he got hurt and then he got traded.  At this point, Christian Arroyo appears to be the Giants 3B of the future, but he's not quite ready to step in, so the position is in an interim phase with Eduardo Nunez and Conor Gillaspie either competing for or sharing the position.  Here's the depth chart:


Eduard Nunez, 30  yo- .288/325/.432, 16 HR, 40 SB.  Nunez is probably the full time starter with Gillaspie coming off the bench, but I could see a platoon or I could see Nunez moving to LF and Gillaspie starting.

Conor Gillaspie, 29 yo- .262/311/.440.  See above.  Gillaspie might have been the best hitter in the Giants lineup in the postseason.


Mitch Delfino, 26 yo- .242/.300/.312.  A very anemic offensive line for Delfino who has probably reached his ceiling.


Christian Arroyo, 22 yo- .274/.316/.373.  Arroyo could play any one of several positions in the majors, but 3B seems to be his clearest path given the Giants likely future needs.  This batting line is uninspiring at first glance, but the context is a very tough hitting environment coupled with the Giants asking him to play multiple positions.

Ryder Jones, 23 yo- .247/.291/.397, 15 HR.  Jones keeps chugging along.  15 HR's is fairly impressive considering the context.


Miguel Gomez, 24 yo- .267/.302/.500, 9 HR, 172 AB.  Gomez has done nothing but hit at every stop.  Still searching for a position to play.  Right now, it seems to be 3B.  I believe in the bat!

Jose Vizcaino Jr, 23 yo - .261/.336/.403.  Bat was heating up when his season ended early with an ankle sprain.


Kelvin Beltre, 20 yo- .250/.379/.406.  There appears to be a player here somewhere if he can just stay on the field for a full season.

Dillon Dobson, 23 yo- .273/.328/.465, 13 HR.  Drafted as a 2B, Dobson played about equal time between 1B and 3B this past season.  Those are pretty good numbers for Augusta.


Manuel Geraldo, 20 yo- .298/.333/.371.  Just my opinion, but I think Geraldo is one of the most underrated prospects in the Giants organization.  Has also played SS and 2B.  He might not have enough power to be a 3B prospect.


Nick Hill, 22 yo- .263/.330/.343, 17 SB.  Drafted as an OF, Giants moved him to the IF for his pro debut.  Might not have enough power for 3B.


Francisco Medina, 19 yo- .289/.386/.355.  Showed impressive power early in his pro debut in 2015, but not much since.  Is this line enough to get him to Arizona?

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