Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fantasy Focus: 2016 First Base Rankings

Fantasy baseball first basemen by OPS:

1.  Joey Votto, Reds- .985.  More OBP than SLG%.

2.  Freddie Freeman, Braves- .968.  Tremendous season for Freeman.

3.  Miguel Cabrera, Tigers- .956.  Is Miggy on the trading block?

4.  Anthony Rizzo, Cubs- .928.

5.  Paul Goldschmidt, D'Backs- .899.  Down year for Goldy in power, but the 32 SB's help is overall fantasy value.

6.  Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays- .886.

7.  Brandon Belt, Giants- .868.  Only 17 HR's, but a .393 OBP.

8.  Hanley Ramirez, Red Sox- .866.  My friend won our league's championship because Hanley got red hot at just the right time.

9.  Carlos Santana, Indians- .865.

10.  Chris Carter, Brewers- .821.  Dingers!  Gains a ton of value in an OBP league vs BA.

11.  Jose Abreu, White Sox- .820.

12.  Tommy Joseph, Phillies- .813.  Projects to about 35 HR's in 600 PA.

13.  Mike Napoli, Indians- .800.

14.  Will Myers, Padres- .797.  28 HR's, 28 SB's.  Still getting better as a hitter.

15.  Chris Davis, Orioles- .792.  Another guy who benefits from OBP vs BA.

16.  Adrian Gonzalez, Dodgers- .784.

17.  Brandon Moss, Cardinals- .784.

Sluggers with very low BA's but average OBP's will become much more valuable as my league switches to an OBP/SLG% format.  Goldy and Wil Myers give extra value with the SB's.  Myers is a riser with Tommy Joseph a potential breakout.  Adrian Gonzalez is in decline and I probably would not bet on Hanley Ramirez again.


  1. I had Big Papi. I know he's retired, but I think he was probably Top-3.

    1. I got the data from Fangraphs and they did not list David Ortiz as a first baseman, but yes, he did have 1B eligibility in Yahoo leagues which is what my league is.

  2. He played 5 innings of first base... :)

  3. Dr. B.- What do you think of Josh Bell?

    1. I loved Josh Bell coming out of HS. Big switch-hitting power prospect. He's been slow to develop and appears to be defensively challenged. I could see him having a peak of about a .280 BA with 25 +/- HR's and bad defense at 1B. Kinda of an average MLB first baseman.