Monday, October 31, 2016

Down on the Farm: Fangraphs' Top 20 Giants Prospects

Eric Longenhagen, the new prospect writer for Fangraphs unveiled his top 20 Giants prospects today.  I have to say Eric put a lot of work into this and appears to have done his own homework rather than just parroting what other prospect sources are saying.  I expect his list might be a bit different than some of the others, like BA.  I am pretty sure mine will be different, although it is quite possible my top 5 will be the same as his.  As always, be sure to read his commentary rather than getting hung up on the exact order.

1.  Christian Arroyo, IF, AA.
2. Tyler Beede, RHP, AA.
3.  Bryan Reynolds, OF, Short Season.
4.  Ty Blach, LHP, AAA/MLB.
5.  Andrew Suarez, LHP, AA.
6.  Steven Okert, LHP, AAA/MLB.
7.  Joan Gregorio, RHP, AAA.
8.  Sandro Fabian, OF, Rookie AZL.
9.  Chris Stratton, RHP, AAA/ MLB.
10.  Matt Krook, LHP, Short Season.
11.  Chris Shaw, 1B, AA.
12.  Jordan Johnson, RHP, High A.
13.  Heath Quinn, OF, Short Season.
14. Steven Duggar, OF, AA.
15. Dan Slania, RHP, AA.
16. CJ Hinojosa, SS, AA.
17.  Reyes Maronta, RHP, High A.
18  Melvin Adon, RHP, Short Season.
19.  Jalen Miller, IF, Low A.
20.  Garrett Williams, LHP, Short Season.
21. Sam Coonrod, RHP, High A.

Others(in order of preference):

Aramis Garcia, C, High A.
Kelvin Beltre, IF, Low A.
Johneshwy Fargas, OF, Low A.
Jacob Heyward, OF, Rookie AZL.
Ray Black, RHP, AA.
Mac Marshall, LHP, Short Season.
Gio Brusa, OF, Short Season.
Austin Slater, OF, AAA.
Clayton Blackburn, RHP, AAA.
Jose Marte, RHP, DSL.
Matt Gage, LHP, AA.
Camilo Doval, RHP, DSL.
Sandro Cabrera, LHP, Rookie AZL.
Charles Owen, RHP, Low A.
Jose Vizcaino Jr, 3B, High A.
Ryan Howard, SS, Short Season.
Brandon Van Horn, SS, Rookie AZL.

"Nowhere Man":  Rodolfo Martinez- velocity reportedly way down in the AFL.

Carson Cistulli's Guy:  Miguel Gomez, 3B/C/?, High A.

DrB's Comments:

1.  I like his top 5.  Those may well be my top 5 too.

2.  I understand Matt Krook's upside and think he was a great pick in round 4 or whatever, but man, you have to have a lot of faith in the Giants ability to teach command to put him in the top 10 Giants prospects!

3.  I will rank Quinn and Duggar higher.

4.  I will rank Austin Slater a LOT higher!

5. I think Jonah Arenado and Ryder Jones belong on one of these two lists somewhere.

6. Love that Sandro Fabian is #8 out of rookie ball.

7.  He seems relatively down on Tyler Beede.  I am more optimistic.


  1. I am shocked that Slater is not in his to 20. I have him too 10 at least...

  2. I don't understand why Slater isn't there. People who can actually hit in the Eastern League aren't common. And there is, from what I've seen over the years, a reasonable chance anyone who hits .300+ and play at some defense has a reasonable chance of making it into MLB for at least a shot.

    I like Beede better than him.

    I like what he said about Gregorio as it makes sense.

    He's at least got a POV and sticks with it instead of following the herd like a sheep. That alone makes him worth reading.

  3. I'd put Dylan Davis and Hunter Cole ahead of some of those guys in his Top 21. And I agree - Krook is too much of a wild card at this point to put in the Top 10.

  4. Always a good read when someone gives thoughtful opinions on the prospects. This guy sure is a downer. Its one thing to be pragmatic about prospects, but this guy tends to be a little too pessimistic. Sure a lot of these guys might not make it to the pros, but even when writing about a prospect's strength, he would downplay it. As to the ranking of the Giants prospects, while I may personally think he is off ( A lot), what do any of us really know and it may make some of us look again at some prospects and reassess them.