Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fantasy Focus: 2016 2B Rankings

Here  are the 2016 MLB second basemen ranked by OPS.  This was a banner year on offense for second basemen as no less than 13 keystoners OPS'd over .800.

1.  Daniel Murphy, Nationals- .985.  The Nationals recouped their entire 3 year investment back in Murphy's first year as his fWAR was 5.5.  He'll retain 2B eligibility in most fantasy leagues even if he moves to 1B for 2017.

2.  Trea Turner, Nationals- .937, 33 SB, 324 PA.  Turner made an impact in his rookie campaign playing mostly CF.  Will he move to SS, full-time 2B or become a permanent CF?

3.  Jose Altuve, Astros- .928, 30 SB.  Murphy hit for a bit more power, but the SB's give Altuve a lot more overall fantasy value.

4.  DJ Lemahieu, Rockies- .911.  Lemahieu gains value in OBP/SLG% leagues as he doesn't hit a lot of dingers or steal a lot of bases.

5.  Brian Dozier, Twins- .886, 42 HR.  How can you hit 42 bombs and not OPS over .900?

6.  Matt Carpenter, Cardinals- .885.  See DJ Lemahieu above.

7.  Robinson Cano, Mariners- .882, 39 HR.  See Brian Dozier above.

8.  Ryan Schimpf, Padres- .869, 20 HR, 330 PA.  BA was under .220 so gains a lot in OBP leagues.  Was he a Flash in the Pan?

9.  Jean Segura, D'Backs- .867, 33 SB.  Up and down career.   Can he maintain this production?

10.  Ben Zobrist, Cubs- .831.  Will keep 2B eligibility for at least 1 more season in most leagues. Might actually have more value as an OF.

11.  Ian Kinsler, Tigers- .831.

12.  Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox- .825.

13.  Neil Walker, Mets- .823.

14.  Jason Kipnis, Indians- .811.

15.  Rougned Odor, Rangers- .798, 33 HR's.  See Dozier and Cano above.

16. Logan Forsythe, Rays- .776.

17.  Cesar Hernandez, Phillies- .764.

18.  Jonathan Schoop, Orioles- .752.

19.  Javier Baez, Cubs- .737.  Will go a lot higher than #19 in most fantasy drafts after his postseason exposure.

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