Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scouting the Draft 2014: Tyler Kolek

Tyler Kolek is a classic Big burly Texas RHP coming out of HS in 2014.  He goes 6'5", 250 lbs but does not look overweight.  To me, he looks a lot like Roger Clemens!  He has shown a premium fastball in showcase games sittting 92-95 MPH and hitting 97 MPH on multiple occasions.  He also has a curve and a slider with the slider probably being his #2 pitch.  The changeup is something that will probably come later.

Again, there is a nice video on Big League Futures linked to the left.  He is my #2 pitcher in the draft after Carlos Rodon and I would have to think twice about taking Rodon if I'm the Houston Astros.  I think Kolek my have the higher ceiling of the two, but has a longer development time which increases his risk.  Kolek might even be my #2 overall prospect in the draft as I cannot think of any of the position players I would definitely take over him.

Most likely will be long gone by the time the Giants draft, but I have seen some mock drafts that have him going as late as #11.


  1. If we're going big Righties to dream on and then gnash our teeth when they are gone by 14, gimme Dylan Cease over Kolek. Things shake out sometimes, but most the top talent stays top unless there are injuries. Touki or the HI kid Medeiros might be there though. (And how did a HI kid get a Greek handle? Inquiring minds want to know!)

    1. He's probably of Portugese ancestry. Huge Portagee population on the islands...kinda like the Central Valley!


  2. We can never have enough frontline pitching prospects, especially big and burly ones.