Thursday, October 31, 2013

Scouting the Draft 2014: Marcus Wilson

I had never heard of Marcus Wilson before watching the Under Armour All-American Classic on TV.  I can't seem to find a boxscore from that game, but I have a recollection of Marcus Wilson getting on base twice and stealing 2 bases.  That sort of go it into my head that he is a slap and dash guy.  Well, he isn't!

Marcus Wilson is a 6'3", 175 lbs OF from Serra HS in Gardena, CA where he was a teammate of Dominic Smith who was drafted in the first round last year.  Among Wilson's HS accomplishments is hitting a HR in Dodger Stadium in the CIF playoffs.

Judging from video that is available, Wilson has an upright batting stance.  He stands in the batter's box with his feet only about a foot apart in an open stance.  As the ball is delivered he takes a long slide step with his front foot and delivers a powerful uppercut swing that is direct to the ball with a slight wrist snap, but not as pronounced as Jacob Gatewood's.

Wilson's name is farther down most early draft rankings, but his stock is rising and he has a good chance of reaching at least the mid-first round, possibly has high as the top 10.  Matt Grabusky has him ranked at #32 in BLF's early ranking.  Matt Garrioch at Minor League Ball has him at #29.  BA does not have him ranked in the top 50.  My comp is a young Andre Dawson!


  1. I saw that video of him as well, and he looks like a powerful kid. Here's the crazy thing about Wilson. He only played in 17 games last year... that was 10th on the Serra team. Now I know this team was a powerhouse, but you'd have to think he was injured (or something else was going on) for someone with that kind of talent to miss 15 games. In those 17 games, he hit .383 with 1 HR, 3 SB, 8 BB, 7 K (per Maxpreps). That team was loaded though, so maybe he just didn't get as much playing time as a junior. Either way, he looks prime for a monster senior season.

    1. One of my favorite memories of pony league ball was seeing Marcus on the first day of Cardinals practice; no one as glib with glove, feet, arm and ball...and he was 7. He had it all then and kept playing and playing. He won it all one year with his pal Germansky; and good luck sidekick Corny. He has a great Mom.

  2. He missed games because of a transfer rule when he switched schools. You heard it hear first. He is the best pure power/average right handed hitter in this year's draft class.

  3. By the way, I recall Marcus is a lefty pitcher and had a mean curve ball at age 11.