Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Down on the Farm: Review of DrB's 2014 Giants Top 50 Prospects Honorable Mention

Alberto Robles, 2B/SS:  Low A  .304/.360/.387, 13 SB, 13 BB, 22 K in 194 AB.  Could be a serious sleeper if he can stay at SS.  Stock is up.

Jose Valdez, RHP:  AA  3-2, 5.46, 56 IP, 48 BB, 53 K's.  Physical monster who is still maddeningly inconsistent.  These numbers ain't gonna get it done.  Stock is down.

Fabio Castillo, RHP:  AA  2-2, 3.34, 32.1 IP, 17 BB, 44 K.  AAA  4-5, 6.47, 57 IP, 26 BB, 51 K's.  Minor league FA pickup from out of Texas.  Hard thrower with uninspiring numbers.  Not sure if he's re-signed yet or not.  Stock is stable to slightly down.

Scott Shuman, RHP:  0-0, 9.51, 23.2 IP, 42 BB, 39 K.  Minor League Rule 5 Pickup from the Rays.  Hard thrower with major control issues.  I was hoping the Giants could fix him, but I guess not.  Stock is down.

Johnny Monell, C:  AAA  .275/.364/.494, 20 HR, 59 BB, 105 K in 415 AB.  MLB:  .125/.222/.125 in 8 AB.  Monell had a fine season for Fresno and got a cup of coffee in September.  There has to be a place for this guy somewhere.  LH hitting catchers with some pop aren't plentiful.  Stock is up, but where does he play?

Jarrett Parker, OF:  AA  .245/.355/.430, 18 HR, 13 SB, 60 BB, 161 K in 444 AB.  A 3-true-outcomes hitter whose numbers don't look so bad in the Eastern League as they did in the Cal League.  I sort of have a feeling this guy just might put up similar numbers in MLB, which would be pretty darn good.  Stock is up.

Rafael Rodriguez, OF:  Low A  .208/.262/.304, 4 HR, 15 BB, 52 K in 250 AB.  There really isn't anything to be encouraged about in these numbers.  Stock is way down!

Alex Burg, UT:  Released before the season started.  I did not see that coming.  I really liked Burg as a potential utility player.

Ryan Cavan, 2B/3B:  High A  .283/.331/.367, 3 HR.  Got sent back to SJ, ostensibly to learn to play 3B, but soon got bumped back to 2B by Myles Schroder.  That did not earn him a promotion.  Stock is down.

Justin Fitzgerald, RHP:  AA  3-0, 1.09, 33 IP, 8 BB, 41 K, GO/AO= 1.76.  AAA  2-8, 5.61, 77 IP, 33 BB, 65 K, GO/AO= 1.30.  Fringe prospect who stayed on the fringe.  Stock is stable.

Demondre Arnold, RHP:  Released before the start of the season.  I did not see this one coming either.

Jackson Williams, C:  AAA  .230/.289/.356, 5 HR.  Good defensive catcher who will probably never hit enough to  even be a backup at the MLB level.  Stock is stable to down.

Ryan Lollis, OF:  AA  .267/.345/.377, 8 HR, 6 SB, 50 BB, 61 K in 469 AB.  I really like Lollis and think he could be a reserve OF somewhere in MLB.  Athletic enough to play CF. Stock is slightly up.

Brett Krill, OF:  AA  .258/.313/.329.  Disappointing power numbers from my former favorite sleeper.  On the other hand, the EL is a beast for hitters.  Stock is stable.

Mitch Delfino, 3B:  Low A  .270/.324/.413, 13 HR, 35 BB, 76 K in 477 AB.   Augusta is a tough place to hit for power.  Moved up to SJ for the playoffs.  Looked good at the plate in the 2 games I saw.  Stock is up.


  1. Scott Shuman's BB rate is legendary! Hard project to get their hands around.

    I'm curious if teams will offer on Monell. He could be a nice piece for an AL team that can DH him as well.

  2. You think the Giants will be in on Tanaka? Bumgarner, Cain, Timmy, Tanaka and Vogie with Escobar waiting in the wings.

    1. I think they will kick the tires, but the whole posting fee thing is just not the type of thing Brian Sabean is likely to want to deal with. From the little we know about how the Giants keep their books, I'm not sure the bean counters would even know what to do with a posting fee. I think their heads would probably explode.

  3. It has never made sense to me how the Giants prospects like DeMondre Arnold, Mike Main, Matt Graham, and Reiner Roibal while keeping guys with no chance at an MLB career, like Skyler Stromsmoe, etc. Are these guys asking to be released or what?

  4. Sorry, I meant to say "how the Giants release prospects like..."