Thursday, October 17, 2013

Scouting the Draft 2014: Touki Toussaint

There are lots of reasons to like Touki Toussaint, not the least of which is the name itself.  What a great baseball name!  Or, rock star name! Or, any other kind of name, for that matter!  He might be #1 on my draft wish list for the Giants on the name alone!

Touki also happens to be a pretty darn good RHP coming out of HS in Florida.  I've seen mock drafts that have him top 3 in the draft and I think one has him at #1 overall!  He goes 6'2", 190 lbs.  He has one of the most athletic bodies of any player in the  draft with loose, whippy arm action.  The ball jumps out of his hand.  My comp in terms of physical appearance as well as his windup and delivery is a young Doc Gooden.

In one showcase event, he sat 92-95 with the FB and hit 97 while showing a plus curveball.  He's been a tick slower on the velocity in other events, but still impressive.  He has also reportedly been working on what has been described as a cutter/change offering that goes in the mid-upper 80's.

Mack's Mets has him at #2 in his Mock Draft.  BLF has him ranked #16 while Kevin R at BLF has him at #13.  Minor League Ball has him at #17 in their very early ranking.  BA has him at #8.   So, while he could be taken as high as the top 5 in the draft, he also could very easily be there for the Giants at #14, which goes to show just how deep this draft is.

Plenty of video out there on him if you want to see for yourself.

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