Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Down on the Farm: Review of DrB's 2013 Giants Top 50 Prospects #21-30

21.  Chris Heston, RHP:  AAA  7-6, 5.80, 108.2 IP, 46 BB, 97 K, GO/AO= 1.43.  Heston's fall was quite spectacular and a bit puzzling.  He pitched a CG shutout on June 13 with 9 K's.  He then proceeded to allow 24 ER over his next 5 starts, 27.1 IP.  He was DFA'd on July 13 to clear space on the 40 man roster then, surprisingly, released on July 23.

22.  Cody Hall, RHP:  High A  2-0, 1.34, 33.2 IP, 7 BB, 48 K, 2 Saves.  AA  2-2, 2.39, 26.1 IP, 8 BB, 27 K, 8 Saves.  Big hard-throwing RHP who is rapidly working his way up the ladder.  Will pitch in the AFL and could be a candidate for a mid-season callup in 2014.  Stock is up!

23.  Shawn Payne, OF:  High A  .229/.320/.305, 1 HR, 34 BB, 62 K, 21 SB.  Low A  .259/.360/.437, 4 HR, 6 SB, 21 BB, 29 K.  Tough season for Payne who couldn't seem to get untracked in San Jose and ended up back in Augusta.  Provided more evidence that plate discipline isn't everything.  A guy like him needs to bring plus D to the OF and he mainly played LF and DH.  That is not going to cut it.  Stock is down!

24.  Jake Dunning, RHP:  AAA  2-2, 1.49, 48.1 IP, 14 BB, 44 K, 1 Save.  MLB  0-2, 2.84, 25.1 IP, 11 BB, 16 K.  Impressed in a late season callup to the majors.  Will likely compete for an active roster spot in spring training.  Stock is up.

25.  Brett Bochy, RHP:  AAA  1-1, 3.99, 56.1 IP, 16 BB, 57 K's, 2 Saves.  Solid season for Melonhead Jr.  Does he have enough stuff to get MLB hitters out?  Stock stable.

26.  Josh Osich, LHP:  High A  3-1, 2.45, 40.1 IP, 10 BB, 48 K, 12 Saves.  AA  2-3, 4.85, 29.2 IP, 12 BB, 28 K, 3 Saves.  Dominated the Cal League, but had a rough transition to AA but finished strong with a 2.87 ERA over his last 10 appearances.  Stock Stable.

27.  Bryce Bandilla, LHP:  High A  1-4, 3.65, 44.1 IP, 25 BB, 72 K', 5 Saves.  Eye popping K rate but still battles  command and can get hittable at times.  Stock Stable.

28.  Steven Okert, LHP:  Low A  2-2, 2.97, 60.2 IP, 24 BB, 59 K's, 2 Saves.  Had his ups and downs but finished strong with a 1.59 ERA over his last 10 appearances.  Stock is stable.

29:  Ian Gardeck, RHP:  Low A  4-3, 3.21, 56 IP, 40 BB, 66 K, 1 Save, GO/AO= 1.71.  Hard throwing RHP who had excellent K rate but command/control is obviously still a work in progress.  Also finished strong with a 1.35 ERA over his last 10 appearances despite a K/BB of 11/8 over 13.1 IP. Stock is stable.  Could break out any time his finds the command key.

30.  Stephen Johnson, RHP:  Low A  5-1, 3.61, 52.1 IP, 30 BB, 71 K, GO/AO= 1.52, 8 Saves.  Fireballer who got better as the season progressed.  0 ER allowed in his last 10 appearances with a 14/4 K/BB.  Stock is up.

AFL Notes:  Andrew Susac went 1 for 3, with a BB in the first AFL game.  Adalberto Mejia gave up 3 runs in 2 IP.


  1. Look at all of those relievers. Of the 10 players here, Heston and Payne are really the only ones whose stock took a hit this year. I fully expect one or two of the Bandilla/Johnson/Okert/McVay/Gardeck crew to break out next season. Add them to Hall and Osich and the Giants have quite the stable of relief pitchers to go along with their impressive stable of starters. I would hope the system gets a bump in the overall rankings this offseason. How can they not with the depth these pitchers are showing?

    1. I think we are in a good position, with respect to having 5 guys you mentioned, to see one or two break out. The more you have, in this case, 5, the better the odds.

    2. Unfortunately, reliever prospects, no matter how good they are or how many you have, will not get you much cache on strength of farm system lists.

  2. Regarding Jake Dunning, I thought he when he was first brought up people were raving about his control and his ability to just throw strikes. I like his ERA, but we know that's not everything. Look at the walks in just 25 IP. That's way too much. Was he just nervous or was he squeezed by the umpires?

    1. MyLessThanPrimeBeefOctober 9, 2013 at 11:48 AM

      Don't know the answer to your question, but with young guys, one can always hope for better numbers as they advance their careers.

      With Dunning, Hembree and possibly Hall all nearly MLB ready, that will 1) bolster the pen and 2) offer options for possible trades.

  3. Bandilla has crazy upside, best K/9 in the system, but he is such a huge injury risk I'd have to ding him some. He didn't pitch at all in the last two months.

    Gardeck and Johnson can zoom if they get some control in their games. Great scouting profiles, great K/9 and lousy BB efforts.

    Hembree as well as Dunning with Hall and Osich chasing is a pretty nice set of fireballing arms. Who knows which ones pull the Joe Nathan. I think all 4 can do it, and 2 are actual converted shortstops!

    1. You can add Mizenko and Law to the list of relievers with high MLB potential. If half makes it, we will be in excellent shape.

  4. OT: nice article about a prospect who signed and is in instructional league now. Talk about fate/luck!

    I'm going to be rooting hard for him.