Sunday, October 27, 2013

Scouting the Draft 2014: Tyler Beede

Tyler Beede was a highly rated draft prospect coming out of high school.  He was drafted #21 overall by the Toronto Blue Jays but did not sign and went to school at Vanderbilt.  He struggled a bit his freshman season, but became one of the better college pitchers in the country last year in his sophomore campaign.

Big League Futures has a Draft Profile up on him.  It's linked to the left.  He's a big, strong hard-throwing workhorse of a pitcher at 6'4", 215 lbs.  He can take his 92-95 MPH FB deep into games.  He throws both a 4 seam and 2 seam FB both of which have enough movement to make batters swing and miss.  He also has a curveball and changeup with the change seeming to be a more advanced pitch for him at the present time, which is actually a really good thing, IMO.

Here are his numbers from his first two college seasons:

2012  1-5, 4.52, 71.2 IP, 32 BB, 68 K's.
2013  14-1, 2.32, 101 IP, 63 BB, 103 K's.

As you can see, the walk rate is a concern.  That will have to improve in the pros.

BLF has him at #10 in their early rankings.  5 of 6 mock drafts have him in the top 3 with Through the Fence putting him #1 overall over even Carlos Rodon!  Keith Law apparently has him ranked all the way down at #18 which again demonstrates the crazy depth of this draft more than a dis on Beede.  Matt Garrioch has him ranked at #5 at Minor League Ball.  He also has a draft profile posted on 10/24/2013 with a terrific discussion in the comments section.  The comments are a must-read to anyone interested in the draft!  Kiley McDaniel, the guy who sniffed out the Giants intent to draft Christian Arroyo, has Beede ranked at #21!  BA has him ranked at #7 in their 2014 Draft Top 50 posted 10/15.  My MLB Draft has him going at #14 to the Giants in their updated mock draft from 10/23.


  1. Another 6-4 horse for the stable, with mid-90's gas... sign him up! How can Keith Law have him at #18 while nearly all the other projections have him in the top 10? I can't imagine a guy with that kind of upside sliding past the 15th pick, and I'd bet the Giants would be happy to snag him.

    1. Well, it is a very deep draft. I think Rodon is the clear #1, but then you could reasonably have #2-20 or so in almost any order. Law may be looking at his walk rates. Kiley McDaniel, who clearly knows a thing or two about the draft has him even lower at #21 and the one mock draft has him to the Giants at #14.

      I'll say that if the Giants got him at #14, I would be happy with the pick.