Sunday, July 7, 2013

Game Wrap 7/6/2013: Giants 4 Dodgers 2

Madison Bumgarner put a stop(at least temporarily) to the Giants slide in the standings with an outstanding effort against the archrival Dodgers.  I think that is why they call pitchers like him Stoppers.   Key Lines:

Gregor Blanco- 3 for 3, 2 2B, BB.  BA= .279.  Blanco had been 0 for his last 7 games in which his BA dropped more than .020.  Problem is, even when he does his job as a leadoff batter, the Giants are not getting him around to score.  1 RBI was all he had to show for this fine effort.

Madison Bumgarner- 0 for 1, BB, SF.  BA= .152.  You might have guessed Bummy would drive in 2 of the Giants 4 runs.  He did it with a bases-loaded walk in the 2'nd and a SF in the 4'th.  When you watch Bumgarner at the plate, there is little doubt that he could have been a fierce hitter had he chosen to go that route.  He kind of is anyway!

Madison Bumgarner- 7 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 0 BB, 9 K's.  ERA= 3.05.  Dominant performance by Bummy marred only by a 2 run dinger by FedEx.

Sergio Romo- 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K's.  ERA= 2.25.  When you are on a skid like the Giants, it becomes critical and not a given that your closer shut it down and preserve the W.  Romo got the job done in this one.

With the Win, the Giants remained 5.5 games behind the NL West leading D'Backs but took over sole possession of 4'th place as the Pathetic Padres lost to the Nationals 5-4.  The Dodgers slipped to 4.5 games back tied for 2'nd place with the Rockies who got blasted by the D'Backs 11-1.

Chad Gaudin returns from the DL for the unenviable task of taking on Clayton Kershaw in the series finale.


  1. i thought timmy was going today as a result of the rainout

    biggest story of the day...puig the unstoppable got his first golden sombrero. either the injury from hitting the wall is more severe than he or the bums is letting on, or the scouts have finally found his holes...i prefer to believe that its the latter....

    bums pretty much beat themselves with poor play and this does not bode well for the giants...they just cant hit with men on


  2. Kershaw, Harvey, (Gee), Wheeler in the next 4 days. The Giants need to solve the RISP blues. The big hit just will not come. They need big hits to happen in the worst way. 15 more left on base yesterday. Craw and Pablo 3 each. At least the Panda made a nice move gunning punk Hanley at the plate, that was the best thing he's done in a month.

    Hunter Pence needs to snap out of it. He could have broken the game open, he's been beyond rough, 4 for his last 37 is beyond poor. Sandoval is 3 for his last 37. Scutaro 6 for his last 34. Bacci's favorite Brandon 6 for 29. Craw 3 for his last 32. Blanco with that outburst is now 5 for his last 34. The much maligned Andres Torres made all his catches yesterday, and is 8 for his last 32. Wonderboy is 11 for his last 34.

    Never seen the Giants be this cold together. Well... There were some stretches in 08, 09, 10, 11... Why can't Sabean builllld an average offense!?!

    I'd roll the dice with Jeff Frenchman. Hope like hell for some mistakes jumped on for Dingerz, push Blanco back to a rest against lefties with some sort of rotation, putting Torres in CF then. Frenchman is now free, relatively, and used properly in a platoon, could help out. Or be cut easily if it don't work.

    Giants have to play mistake free baseball today, execute if they get a runner on base, and hope like hell against a guy who just crushes our spirit.

  3. Hey, want some good news? The Giants are no longer the worst team in baseball since Memorial Day. Gints have a 12-24 record, the White Sox are 10-26. Go kick those tires, Sabean!

    Maybe this bat out of order thing is the final straw. Bochy got lucky that didn't cost. Also, Bumgarner had a very questionable 2-2 pitch go against, walked the guy, first batter out of the stretch is FedEx and he goes deep. End of the perfecto.

    Giants won because the Dodgers top of the order went 1 for 16. Good luck today Cajun Chad, we need something similar...

  4. Torres just looks bad in left field. He turned a hard hit ball that a lot of MLB left fielders would catch into a triple for Hanley. Pablo picked him up though. I would really like to see Perez back and in CF and Blanco in LF most days.

  5. It seems like every year around this time I'm torn between whether I would like to see the Giants trade prospects to make a run or trade players for prospects and build for the future. Everyone loves to credit Billy Beane for the team he has today but half that team was acquired via trading good players like Gio, Street, and Cahill. I can't remember the last time the Giants were sellers at the trade deadline or quite frankly when the last time was that they had players to sell but I would almost like to see a few moves if for nothing else to shake things up.

    Affeldt has to have some value to a team looking to add a lefty arm in the pen. Scutaro could entice a few teams looking for some magic like last year even with 2 years left on his contract. I would even listen to offers on Romo or Lopez or anyone else in the pen depending on the offer and especially since we seem to have a lot of bullpen arms in waiting in the minors. I guess I would explore trading just about anyone other than Cain, Madbum, and Posey so maybe there is a taker for Pablo, Timmy, or not likely Zito! It wouldn't have to be a throw in the towel type of trade that dooms us for this year but rather a mix it up trade by making a move that lights a little fire under everyones asses while getting us something in return for the future.

    Pence would be a good one to trade just because his value might be the highest and we could always turn around and bring him back next year as a free agent if we wanted to. Timmy is another player that could entice a playoff team and could net us a few prospects in return. I would just like to see things mixed up one way or another since this team has gotten pretty stale and the injuries don't look like they are going to go away anytime soon. I don't care how hot they get over the next few weeks, without a shake up I just don't see them outlasting all the other teams in this division.

    1. I'm pretty sure the Giants have never been sellers under Brian Sabean. In the last few days, Sabes has dropped some hints that he might consider it if they drop completely out of the race over the next 2-3 weeks. He certainly made it clear he was not going to be buying unless they show signs of turning it around.

    2. There are at least 3 teams in playoff contention who could use Hunter Pence in the second half: Pirates, Reds, Tigers.

      Pirates, for one, are loaded with prospects, and I could see the Giants getting a very nice haul for Pence if they were willing to pay most of the remainder of his salary.

    3. Detroit needs a 3'rd starting OF and desperately needs a reliable closer. How about sending Pence and Romo there for Avisail Garcia and Bruce Rondon?