Monday, July 8, 2013

DrB's 2013 Giants Top 50 Prospects: Midseason Update

Thought it might be fun to take a quick look at which of my Giants Top 50 Prospects' stock is up or down midway through the season.  I'm not going to re-order them or go into much detail.  Just a brief capsule of their season so far and an assessment of whether their stock is up, down or stable.

1.  Gary Brown, OF, AAA.  Painfully slow start.  Has heated up in the past month.  Down.  Can gain most of it back with a strong second half, but probably won't be #1 next year.

2.  Joe Panik, IF, AA.  Strong start and still has strong K and BB numbers but BA has taken a hit in the last month and he still has not shown any power to speak of.  Expected move to 2B does not help either.  Down.

3.  Kyle Crick, RHP, High A.  Was out for 6 weeks with a strained oblique but came back dominant.  Up, way up!  Topped BA's hot sheet a week ago and should by well into next year's top 100 if he stays healthy.  Most likely Giants #1 next year and by a big margin.

4.  Chris Stratton, RHP, Low A.  Too low a level for a first round draft pick out of a top tier D1 program.  Inconsistent performance has failed to prove assignment a mistake.  Down!

5.  Clayton Blackburn, RHP, High A.  Some inconsistency in performance, but terrific peripherals in an aggressive assignment for age.  Stable.

6.  Adalberto Mejia, LHP, High A.  Solid performance in an aggressive assignment.  Stable.

7.  Martin Agosta, RHP, Low A.  Low assignment.  Has had some dominant starts but also has had some inconsistencies and recently came up with a dead arm then a blister.  Down.

8.  Gustavo Cabrera, OF, DSL.  Conservative assignment for a bonus baby.  Low BA in a tough place to hit, but has shown flashes.  Stable.

9.  Heath Hembree, RHP, AAA.  Mixed results and apparent failure to develop secondary stuff.  Down.

10.  Mike Kickham, LHP, AAA.  Mixed performance for Fresno, but mostly good.  Also mixed results at MLB level after a couple of emergency callups.  Stable.

11.  Francisco Peguero, OF, AAA.  Has hit well for Fresno.  Did not play much in a MLB callup.  Currently out with a concussion. Stable.

12.  Ricky Oropesa, 1B, AA.  Got bitten by the EL bug.  Back in SJ trying to get his feet back under him. Down.

13. Andrew Susac, C, AA.  Hitting for decent average with power while catching at AA.  Up!

14.  Ehire Adrianza, SS, AA.  Holding his own as a defense-first SS at AA.  Stable.

15.  Adam Duvall, 3B, AA.  Started out hot, but slumping since coming back from DL.  Stable.

16.  Mac Williamson, OF, High A.  Went into a slump after an early season shakeup while diving for a ball in the OF.  Red hot for the past 6 weeks.  HM on BA's most recent hot sheet.  Up!

17.  Edwin Escobar, LHP, High A.  Strong performance for SJ.  Up!

18.  Chuckie Jones, OF, Low A.  Shows flashes, but still trying to get some traction.  Down.

19. Shilo McCall, OF, Short Season.  Very small sample size so far at S-K, but holding his own against mostly older competition.  Stable.

20.  Tyler Hollick, OF, Short Season.  Poor numbers in a very brief Low A stint.  Red hot for S-K.  Stable.

21.  Chris Heston, RHP, AAA.  Hesto Presto has gotten knocked around with Fresno.  We could be seeing his ceiling with limited stuff.  Down.

22.  Cody Hall, RHP, AA.  Lights out for SJ and now Richmond.  Up!

23.  Shawn Payne, OF, High A.  Apparently cannot play a position, even LF adequately.  Bat started off good, but has slumped in past 2 months.  Down!

24.  Jake Dunning, RHP, MLB.  Pitching successfully for the Giants.  Up!

25.  Brett Bochy, RHP, AAA.  Inconsistent for Fresno.  A bit better lately.  Down.

26.  Josh Osich, LHP, AA.  Lights out for SJ.  Recent promo to Richmond.  Apparent self-consignment to bullpen disappointing.  Stable to slightly up.

27.  Bryce Bandilla, LHP, High A.  Inconsistent but with terrific K rates.  Stable.

28. Steven Okert, LHP, Low A.  Wildly inconsistent.  Down.

29.  Ian Gardeck, RHP, Low A.  Mostly pitching well at relatively low level.  Stable.

30.  Steven Johnson, RHP, Low A.  Started out strong, but has struggled most of the season.  Down.

31.  Mason McVay, LHP, Low A.  Decent numbers.  A little inconsistent.  Has gone multiple innings at a time.  Stable.

32.  Eduardo Encinosa, RHP, Short Season.  Has kind of disappeared.  Down.

33.  Roger Kieschnick, OF, AAA.  Started strong, but has tailed off over past month.  Stable.

34.  Chris Dominguez, OF/3B, AAA.  Has completely changed his approach hitting for average but little power.  Stable.

35.  Nick Noonan, IF, AAA.  Won a bench job out of camp and started strong.  Inexperience and lack of PT took their toll and he got sent down.  Stable.

36.  Juan Perez, OF, AAA.  Impressed in first few games after an emergency callup, but then tailed off.  Strong numbers for Fresno.  Plays multiple positions.  Slightly up.

37.  Chris Gloor, LHP, AA.  Has pitched decently in a repeat of AA.  Stable to slightly down.

38.  Jacob Dunnington, RHP, ???.  Has completely disappeared.  I assume he's hurt.  Down.

39.  Kendry Flores, RHP, Low A.  Terrific performance for Augusta, particularly his K and BB ratios.  Way up!

40.  Eric Surkamp, LHP, AAA.   Comeback from TJ on schedule.  Up!

41.  Austin Fleet, RHP, High A.  Has pitched well in multiple roles.  Constant movement by Giants could indicate they see him as more of an organizational guy.  Stable.

42.  Conor Gillaspie, 3B, MLB(White Sox).  Traded out of the organization.  Holding his own for the ChiSox.  Up, but not for the Giants.

43.  Carter Jurica, SS, AAA.  Started out strong and at SS.  Has kind of disappeared in the last few weeks.  Stable.

44.  Dan Burkhart, C, Released?   I think he got released or retired or something.  Down!

45.  Edward Concepcion, RHP, High A.  Haven't seen his name for awhile.  Must be on the DL.   Down.

46.  Jesus Galindo, CF, Low A.  Strong OBP.  Steals a lot of bases.  Up!

47.  Chris Marlowe, RHP, High A.  Pitched well early then got hurt.  Currently rehabbing.  Slightly up.

48.  Steven Neff, LHP, Rookie AZL.  Apparently rehabbing.  Down.

49.  Derek Law, RHP, Low A.  Lights out early in repeat of low A.  Currently rehabbing in Arizona.  Stable.

50.  Kentrell Hill, OF, Short Season.  Not getting much PT.  Down.

Some names from Honorable Mention that are up:  Joe Biagini RHP, Joan Gregorio RHP, Travious Relaford IF, Gabriel Cornier C.


  1. Just mentioned on the other post who could take over for closer or setup if the Giants were to trade Romo. Looking at the list I would mention Cody Hall (hes been more consistent than Hembree was at these levels).

    Am pretty excited about Susac, Crick, Blackburn and Escobar (have to see Williamson hit AA pitching), the other guys look iffy to me. Might reach majors but as role players.

    Drb, who are your top 10 right now?

    1. Oops, my bad had mistaken Hembree's AAA numbers from last year to his AA ones. He was quite impressive at A+ and at AA as well .

  2. Thanks for the update! Definitely a mixed bag this year. Not much help coming from the guys in AAA, some ups and downs from the hitters in Richmond, but the SJ rotation and bullpen have really impressed me. Quite the hype coming into the season, but I wouldn't say any of them have really disappointed. Looking forward to Crick in AA! Also, definitely some babies to look out for now with Cabrera, Javier, McCall, Arroyo, Ryder Jones.

    Side note: I have been working on a Mid Season top Prospects list on my blog the past few weeks. Down to the top 15 now (from 40)... Would greatly appreciate any looks and/or feedback. I'm sure I've missed a few.

  3. Wouldn't it be funny if your No. 40 (Surkamp) became the Giants savior this year? He seems destined to start for the big team soon while most above him on this list never will.

    Walter Guest

    1. He would have been ranked much higher were it not for the uncertainty of TJ surgery. I was very impressed by him in a spring training game I saw in 2012.

  4. Blach was not on your list coming into the season? Wow. He should be listed rather high going into next year.

    1. Oh yeah! Blach is going to be way up. He was not highly regarded when drafted then did not pitch last year, so I had no idea how to rank him. Should have guessed since the Giants drafted him fairly high and they do seem to know their pitching.

  5. Yup, Dan Burkhart retired this March. Just saw it on his Twitter.

  6. Angel V was not on your list. How high will he be ranked going into next year? Can we be cautiously optimistic about him? Thanks for the update.


    1. I did not rank Angel V due to uncertainty about his immigration status and extremely low level of competition last season in the DSL. He will obviously be in the top 50 next year. I have not given any thought to exact rankings.

    2. I think that he has to be at least a Top 10 Prospect, and perhaps Top 5 if he can hit well in AA for the rest of the season, with power.

      Of course, I have no idea who is populating the Top 10 right now, with so many UP's he could be pushed into the high teens I suppose, though there are a number of downs, so it could even up. Susac, Williamson, and Escobar probably pushing their way into Top 10. While only Agosta and Hembree are down and close to 10th among the Top 10.