Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Down on the Farm: 7/17/2013

AAA  Fresno Grizzlies were idle.

AA  Richmond Flying Squirrels beat the Binghampton Mets 6-5:

Joe Panik(2B)- 2 for 5, 2 2B.  BA= .253.
Adam Duvall(3B)- 2 for 5, HR(9).  BA= .248.
Cody Hall(RHP)- 2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K's.  ERA= 3.38.

Third straight 2-hit game for Panik.  4 of those 6 hits were doubles.

High A  Modesto Nuts blanked the San Jose Giants 2-0:

Mac Williamson(RF)- 2 for 4.  BA= .272.
Kyle Crick(RHP)- 5 IP, 0 H, 0 R,  5 BB, 6 K's.  ERA= 1.04.

5 no-hit innings for Crick, but those pesky walks continue to be an issue.

Low A  Lakewood Blue Claws outlasted the Augusta Greenjackets 5-4:

Jesus Galindo(CF)- 2 for 5, SB(43).  BA= .273.
Ben Turner(C)- 3 for 5, 2B.  BA= .254.
Andrew Cain(LF)- 2 for 4, 2 3B.  BA= .249.
Kendry Flores(RHP)- 6 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 0 BB, 10 K's.  ERA= 3.15.
Mason McVay(LHP)- 2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K's.  ERA= 4.37.
Ian Gardeck(RHP)- 2 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 2 BB, 3 K's.  ERA= 3.16.

Flores got nicked up by BABIP and gave up a dinger, but once again had dominant peripherals.

Short Season  Salem-Keizer Volcanoes topped the Eugene Emeralds 4-3:

Randy Ortiz(CF)- 2 for 4, SB(8).  BA= .282.
Tyler Horan(RF)- 2 for 4, 2B.  BA= .242.
Ryan Jones(2B)-1 for 2, 2B, BB.  BA= .440.
Chase Johnson(RHP)- 5 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 3 K's.  ERA= 0.00.

Rookie AZL  Athletics beat the Giants 6-3:

Christian Arroyo(SS)- 1 for 3, 2 BB.  BA= .255.
Craig Massoni(1B)- 2 for 4, 2B. BA= .357.
Keury Mella(RHP)- 4.1 IP, 5 H, 5 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 4 K's.  ERA= 2.82.

Mella pitched 4 shutout innings then could not get out of the 5'th.

DSL  Giants edged the Padres 5-4:

Royel Astacio(1B, 19 yo)- 1 for 3, HR(1), BB.  BA= .176.
Marco Guzman(2B, 18 yo)- 1 for 3, HR(1), BB.  BA= .246.
Jose Morel(RHP, 19 yo)- 4.1 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 5 K's.  ERA= 1.45.


  1. Attended the San Jose fame tonight and man, Scott Oberg, the Nuts closer, has an absolute HAMMER for a curveball. He made Oropesa and Devin Harris look awful swinging and missing on it for strike three in the nimth inning. Crick's contrOl is a problem. He really wasn't able to throw any of his three pitches consistently for strikes. I know the stadium gun in SJ is suspect, but for what it's worth, his fastball was 92-96, his curve was 80-82, and his slider was 85-88. The curve was inconsistent but he did throw a couple that would qualify as plus. The Modesto hitters had virtually zero hard contact against him. He was relieved by Luis Rojas, who worked 92-96 with a decent slider. Next up was Jose Casilla, who appeared to have changed his throwing motion since his TJ surgery. I was unimpressed with him, particularly his fastball, which was not coming in nearly as hard as it was pre-surgery. The last pitcher of the game for SJ was Jeff Soptic. Soptic impressed me with his stuff and size but was extremely wild. His FB was 93-96 with a lone reading at 98 which turned out to be his second or third WP of the inning. His breaking ball was hard to see from my angle.

    On the hitting side of things, Ricky Oropesa seems to have put on a lot of fat. I remember that Oropesa was a hefty guy early in his college career, but his hitting didn't seem so be affected by it, as he was already hitting for power and average as a freshman. Considering that he didn't really progress much as a hitter in college and hasn't so far in the pros, I wonder if he just matured early, leaving little room for improvement. That also makes me wary of the other college hitters the Giants have selected in recent years on the heels of a sub par Junior season, like Ragira and Jarrett Parker. As I mentioned earlier, Ricky looked awful swinging through a curveball in the ninth inning, the same way he did in college, though to be fair, it was a nasty one.

    Mac Williamson is built! He has a powerful albeit loopy-looking swing.

    Hector Sanchez went 0 for 4 and did not look good doing it, but he faced some pitchers with impressive power arsenals.

    1. Also, I know he isn't a Gigante, but I really, really liked Scott Oberg. He had velocity (93-94), a great mound presence, and one heck of a curveball. His command looked good too.

    2. We mention non-Giants prospects here from time-to-time if they do something that catches our eye.

      I haven't seen Ricky since last year. He's always had big legs. He's going to have to make the adjustment and learn to hit breaking stuff to progress in the pros.

  2. Schulman put up a blurb about talking to a rival executive - Giants best trade chips are Susac and the low-minors pitching. No surprise here, and that's the rub - teams hone in on your best talent and they don't want the chaff. My attempt at a no-trade list? Those are the guys teams want. Crick, Blackburn, Mejia, Susac. Probably not even interested in Stratton or Agosta, Brown or Panik.

    I think we should hold onto Susac. He's got a really good shot at breaking into the top 10 lists for the position and the top 100 discussion if he finishes strong. Crick/Blackburn/Mejia? Yeah, those guys too.

    Sideways trade time!

    1. We will see if Sabean knows 'when to hold them and when to fold them,' or is he a 'very few meaningless September games (it could have been 25 but we made it 23 meaningless Septmeber games thanks to the trades) at not-all-but-not-cheap-either-cost guy.

    2. Could have been 25 made it to 23 - referring to 2011 here?

    3. Could not be 2011. We were leading when we got Beltran, he should have helped us get across the finish line as division champs but instead broke our momentum, and old vets chafed in the aftermath of the trade, that was really gamer on Rowands part.

      Andone would think that Wheeler would be considered an "all" guy, not a "not all" guy.

      Interested to hear who blsl is talking about.

  3. Very nice to see Chase Johnson with a 2nd straight good performance, stretched one more inning. Have to wonder what the Cal Poly coach and Johnson had going on. Fresh power arm, nice to see him starting from the get-go, not being hinted at it for later.