Monday, November 26, 2012

Fantasy Focus Prospect Edition: Dylan Bundy

Dylan Bundy was the 4'th overall draft pick by the Baltimore Orioles in the strong 2011 draft out of HS on Oklahoma.  He worked his way through 3 minor league levels last year and became the 4'th player from his draft class to reach the majors and just the 4'th 19 year old to pitch in the majors in the last decade.

Bundy's size is not all that impressive at 6'1", 195 lbs., but he throws hard, touching triple digits in short stints and already has advanced command of several pitches.  When he's starting, his fastball goes 92-96 MPH.  He added a 2 seamer to a relatively straight 4-seamer during the season.  His best pitch in the minors was a cut fastball, but the Orioles asked him to stop throwing it so he could work on his breaking ball.  He already has an advanced changeup.  Personally, I'm not sure why he needs to waste his time on a breaking ball if he can throw all 3 fastballs with command to go with a plus changeup, but I guess it doesn't hurt to add an extra pitch in there.  Here are Bundy's stat lines from last season:

Low A  1-0, 0.00, 30 IP, 2 BB, 40 K's.
Hi A     6-3, 2.84, 57 IP, 18 BB, 66 K's.
AA       2-0, 3.24, 17 IP, 8 BB, 13 K's.
MLB     0-0, 0.00, 2 IP, 1 BB, 0 K's.

The Orioles could decide to give him a little more salt in AAA but it seems all but certain that he will be pitching in the majors before 2013 is out.  Again, it seems like he is probably a significant upgrade on whatever the Orioles can put out there on opening day, so why not let him work develop his game while he's helping the team in the majors?

Again from a fantasy perspective, if you are like me and carry 10 starters in a H2H league, you will want to consider rostering him from the get-go. He's a no-brainer in deeper keeper leagues.


  1. I don't agree with the not needing a breaking ball. Having fastballs and a change up might work in short bursts, but to go thru a lineup 2 or 3 times you need more weapons. That's why starters don't come up with just fastballs and a breaking ball, they're asked to learn a third pitch. He's a special arm, dont waste him in the pen, let him learn a third pitch and lead a staff as a true ace.

    1. A cutter serves the same purpose as a slider or curveball. It's a pitch that breaks gloveside which makes same side batters reach and jams opposite side batters. It is also a tick or two slower than a 4 seam or 2 seam FB.

    2. Besides, he can still develop the breaking ball on the fly at the MLB level if necessary.

  2. It is a great pitch to attack hitters with, but if thrown too often can sometimes lead to loss of speed on the fastball. Players developing at the big league level is more common now, look at Cain, Bumgarner and Posey. Hitters in the majors can better adjust to smaller differences in speeds, which is why a pitch like the slider or curve ball can keep hitters better off balance, and eventually become strikeout pitches. Bundy has the stuff to get hitters out now, but it's as league MVP Poseynsaid, of your not trying different things to gett better your likely to get passed. It's going to be fun to see this kid develope at the big league level.

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  4. Players in the degrees can better modify to small variations in rates of speed, which is why a message like the slider or spanner can keep hitters better off stability, and gradually become strikeout message. Bundy has the factors to get hitters out now, but it's as group MVP Poseynsaid, of your not trying different factors to gett better your likely to get approved.