Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spring Training Update: Today's Lineup

1.  Kelby Tomlinson SS
2.  Joe Panik 2B
3.  Brandon Belt 1B
4.  Buster Posey C
5.  Jarrett Parker RF
6.  Brandon Crawford DH
7.  Mac Williamson LF
8.  Conor Gillaspie 3B
9  Gorkys Hernandez CF
P  Jeff Samardzija

Great to see both Parker and Williamson getting some early looks.  I would love to see one of them catch fire and force their way into a starting gig in LF.  I don't know if the job is even open, but the Giants do seem to be very aware of their potential, especially Williamson.  Gorkys Hernandez who used to be a perennial top 100 prospect seems to have caught Bochy's eye.  He might be redundant with Span, Blanco and Pagan all on the roster.  I'm starting to smell a late spring trade of some sort.


  1. Tomlinson at short-stop is a bit interesting. Not going to read too much into it at this point. I find it odd that Parker is in RF and Williamson in LF when Williamson has the much stronger arm (60 to Parker's 45).

    1. Do you know that Mac's arm is really that much better than Parker's? I've seen Parker unleash a couple of rockets when he was playing for San Jose.

    2. I like Parker a lot more than most. But in all the things written about him -- speed, power, range, fielding, etc. -- arm strength has always been described as marginal, at best, for RF and that he projects as a LFer.

    3. Maybe you could link or sources some of those, because I do not recall reading anything particularly negative about Parker's arm and I've seen a couple of pretty amazing throws with my own eyes.

  2. There's not much left to read into Tomlinson at SS. Boch has made it very clear that he will play there a lot this Spring. And why not? He was drafted as a SS. I can't remember where I read it just yesterday that he was a D-1 Gold Glove winner at SS. SS is his natural position (see yesterday's put out on a slow roller). Boch said he will also be playing some 3B. It's obvious the G's want him to be their IF guy off the bench. If that happens, it will give them a lot of other options as to who else they can carry on the 25 man.