Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Scouting the 2016 Draft: Jason Groome and Riley Pint

The BA Top 100 Draft Prospects list is out, which I have found to be the best starting point to analyzing the draft.  The Giants don't get their first pick until #59 overall in the second round, so they won't have a shot at a lot of the top draft prospects.  On the other hand, there are always draft prospects who fall during the season and disagreement among analysts, so you never know.  For instance, one of the strengths of this draft is said to be college OF's, yet Keith Law is quite vocal that he does not view any of the college OF's as being first round material, so there you have it.  We'll start with a couple of HS pitchers who are ranked near the top of BA's list:

#1.  Jason Groome, LHP, HS.  6'4", 224 lbs.  Groome is a big, hard throwing lefty who PG lists as 6'6", 180 lbs.  From video I've seen, I'll go with closer to 225 lbs., but the height is hard to judge from video.  He has elite velocity with a FB that reaches 96 MPH out of a mid-3/4 delivery.  PG says he has a good curveball to go with it.  Nothing funky or outstanding about his videos.  About as safe a prospect as you can get out of a HS pitcher.

#4.  Riley Pint, RHP, HS.  6'5", 195 lbs.  Pint is a mirror image of Groome on video.  Lots of room to grow into his frame.  96 MPH on the FB from a mid-3/4 delivery.  Classic HS pitching prospect who should go high in the draft if he stays healthy all season.

I'll just add that I consider any HS pitcher who throws over about 94 MPH to be high risk for TJ surgery.

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