Saturday, March 29, 2014

Your 2014 San Francisco Giants!

Giants Opening Day roster is finalized with JC Gutierrez, Brandon Hicks and Juan Perez making the final cut.  Derek Law goes to Richmond and Tyler Colvin to Fresno.  Roger Kieschnick gets the DFA to make room on the 40 man roster for Gutierrez.  Affeldt and Marco Scutaro start the season on the DL.  So, here it is:

Position Starters:

C  Buster Posey
1B  Brandon Belt
2B  Joaquin Arias
3B  Pablo Sandoval
SS  Brandon Crawford
LF  Michael Morse
CF  Angel Pagan
RF  Hunter Pence

Starting Pitchers:

Madison Bumgarner
Matt Cain
Tim Hudson
Tim Lincecum
Ryan Vogelsong

Relief Pitchers:

Sergio Romo
Javier Lopez
Santiago Casilla
Jean Machi
JC Gutierrez
David Huff
Yusmeiro Petit

Position Reserves:

C  Hector Sanchez
IF Ehire Adrianza
IF Brandon Hicks
OF Gregor Blanco
OF Juan Perez

Affeldt will likely be back in 2-4 weeks.  I have a feeling Scutaro might miss a good chunk of the season.

I am happy the Giants decided to keep 2 long relief/spot starters in the bullpen.  Huff was impressive in preseason games!  I'll stick with my prediction that Blanco finishes the season as the starting LF.

Around the League:

Dodgers put Clayton Kershaw on the DL which means he will miss the first Dodgers-Giants series in LA.


  1. no giants killer for the first series? bummer....heh

    i love the way the baseball gods work

    if we are lucky, we will get to see the bums "phenom". who looked very avg in his fwy series debut

    have a very strong feeling that the giants pen is gonna see a lot of moves happen during the season

    very good chance that i will be going to one, if not two fresno games this year....have some biz to attend to in fresno, and will schedule it to coincide with a home stand

    i see 2015 as somewhat of a transition year, so not expecting a whole bunch from the giants...if they make the post, i will be pleasantly surprised



    1. 2015 above = 2014??
      As others have remarked, the team's success depends on so many IFs this year as to make predictions even more fragile than usual. I'm very much in the amber zone overall, and agree with bacci about the pen.

    2. Except for being in a tough part of town .Fresno is a great venue and a real value with the packages.Good food .And how many teams pour Tecate beer? keep em stocked grizzlies ,the beers and the future bigs .

    3. Stadium in Fresno is great, but yeah, very tough part of town. When we came out, there was a car in the parking lot up on jacks with the wheels gone.

  2. A lot of pressure on Arias to contribute offensively as the Giants can't count on Scutaro recovering to his pre-injury level. Any of the three infield backups is better defensively than Scutaro and the Giants will have to rely more than ever on pitching so better second base defense is a plus. The Giants' front office has to be nervous about their offense relying heavily on Michael Morse to produce more runs than he lets in.

    1. I would really like to see what Arias does with a consistent PT. I guess we have and he is what he is, but I just keep thinking that there's more of a player in there somewhere. I think he's probably a huge upgrade on Scutaro on defense, though. The guy who I think is really going to suffer sitting on the bench is Adrianza. I think he can be a good hitter, but not as gifted as The Hector who seems to be able to come off the bench and hit like very few I've seen.

  3. Just a hunch: All those major-league curveballs will catch up with Brandon Hicks in a month or so. Colvin's back heals up a bit, and they switch positions by the end of May. Meanwhile, Juan Perez takes grounders at third and second, just in case. Hector Sanchez takes a few at third, too.

    1. Nice call on Perez. They seemed to be preparing him for a super utility role in Fresno last year, and I think his arm would be fun to watch at 3B. If anyone can be a jack of all trades type, I think it's him. And yes, there's definitely a reason Brandon Hicks has bounced around for the past few years. BUT, we also said the same thing about Blanco, and Arias when they latched on. And Andres Torres was nothing more than a journeyman when he broke through... you just never know!

    2. You're just never know.

      The same goes with Gutierrez.

      Hope they will do well.

    3. Hicks reminds me so much of Randy Elliott low these many years ago. They couldn't get him out in spring training and he couldn't buy a hit once the season started. Actually, I think he didn't do terrible in a backup role for 1 season.

  4. Did you hear about Mac? Got reassigned to SJ. So looks like he'll start the year in high A again! Question is why?


    1. He's injured, and can only DH for a while. Sounds like it's more of a rehab assignment than anything. Once he's healthy, he should be in Richmond.

    2. Ok that makes sense! Thanks!


  5. Alright, let's get this party started!!!

    Even with a hurt Scuturo, I like ARIAS and I think the Giants are going to have a good offense (big years from Pablo, Buster,Pence, Belt) and score more than enough runs.......It will all come down to pitching...

    I have complete faith in Cain, Madbum and Hudson...Timmy and Vogelsong will be the key to the rotation.

    But the real key, IMO, is the bullpen..I think there are a lot of questions with the new guys (Huff, Guitterez) and the guys coming back (Machi, Affedt, Casilla)..I'm just not sold on the composition..And just as important as these guys are guys like HEMBREE, LAW, CORDIER, the guy from SD, whoever else.because the Gianrts are gonna need them all, and probably sooner or later IMO..My bet is guys like Hmebree and Law are mainstays by summer...


  6. Dr. D: do you have any idea what is wrong with the arm of Mac Williamson? Can't find anything on the subject.

    1. Nope. Seems like I vaguely remember something from early in spring training, but I just can't quite get a handle on it.