Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fantasy Focus: More Mock Drafting

I did another mock draft on Yahoo this afternoon while it was raining outside.  I decided to try a strategy of spreading my auction money around and not spending more than $30 on any one player and not more than $20 on any one pitcher.  I concentrated on trying to find as many 20/20 guys as I could then fill in with a few HR guys and a few more SB guys.  On the pitching side, I looked for young, emerging, hard-throwing pitchers with a low WHIP.  I punt steals and fill my RP slots with SP's who have RP eligibility.   I also fill all my bench slots with SP's.  I then rotate in enough pitchers to accumulate enough K's and W's to win most weeks.  By concentrated on finding pitchers with low WHIP's,  stay competitive in that category and ERA usually follows WHIP quite closely.  Here's what I ended up with:

C    Wilin Rosario $10
1B  David Ortiz  $18
2B  Jason Kipnis $31
3B  Kyle Seager  $7
SS  Ian Desmond  $22
OF Carlos Gomez  $32
OF Nelson Cruz  $7
OF Shin-Soo Choo  $22
UT Hunter Pence $18
UT Leonys Martin $6
SP  Masahiro Tanaka $18
SP  Anibal Sanchez $20
RP Andrew Cashner $7
RP Tyson Ross $2
P    Gerrit Cole $17
P    Danny Salazar $12
P    AJ Burnett $4
P    Corey Kluber $1
B   Chris Tillman $2
B   Dan Haren $1
B   Jake Peavy $1
B   Josh Johnson $1
B   Tim Hudson $1

OK, so I paid $2 and $1 over $30 on a couple of players.  I needed Gomez and Kipnis for my 20/20 plan to have any chance of producing a competitive roster. I figured I might have to go slightly over the $30 limit to get them, but also figured it would be close and was willing to be flexible.  I would not have gone above $35 for either of them.

This roster gives me four likely 20/20 guys.  8 guys who are likely to hit over 20 HR's.  3 guys who are likely to have more than 30 SB's.

I spent all $260 of my auction budget.

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