Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fantasy Focus: Savvy Vets 2014

My fantasy league had their draft today.  It's a 10 team H2H with standard 5X5 categories, auction with $260 for 26 roster spots.  I present to you the 2014 Savvy Vets:

C    Jonathan Lucroy $1
1B  Brandon Belt $3
2B  Jason Kipnis $27
3B  Pablo Sandoval $7
SS  Ian Desmond $19
IF   Mike Napoli $1
OF Ryan Braun $41
OF Carlos Gomez $31
OF Shin-Soo Choo $21
UT Jose Bautista $20
UT Alex Gordon $6
SP  Max Scherzer $25
SP  Dan Haren $5
SP  Homer Bailey $11
SP  Alex Cobb $7
SP  James Shields $5
RP  Andrew Cashner $3
RP  Tyson Ross $1
RP  Alex Wood $1
P     Danny Salazar $5
P     Jake Peavy $2
Bench  Hector Santiago SP $1
Bench  Chris Archer SP  $1
Bench  Rick Porcello SP $2
Bench  Corey Kluber $1
Bench Carlos Martinez $1

I am obviously punting Saves completely and hoping to dominate Win and K's with shear numbers while remaining competitive in ERA and WHIP.  I am not happy that I left $12 on the table.  I should have spent it on Gerrit Cole but had to leave my computer for just a minute to attend to a family matter just as he was nominated.  He went for $14.  Someone nominated Haren early and he seemed like a good deal for $5 at the time, but now he looks a bit pathetic when you look at the back end of the draft. I am afraid Belt may be a weak link, although he does have upside as we know and hope.

Both Mike Trout and Miggy went in the mid-$60's.  Kershaw went for over $49.


  1. Looks like a pretty good draft to me Dr. B!! I'm kinda shocked at some of the prices and how you were able to get so much talent on the offense. I took a similar approach with my first draft this year going after offense and hoping the pitching figures itself out. Here is what I have:

    C - Carlos Santana
    1B - Eric Hosmer (K-12th round pick)
    2B - Jason Kipnis
    3B - Evan Longoria
    SS - Andrelton Simmons
    LF - Starling Marte (K-15th round pick)
    CF - Mike Trout (K - 10th round pick)
    RF - Nelson Cruz
    Util - Jose Abreu
    Util - Jedd Gyorko
    BN - Xandar Bogaerts
    BN - Nick Castellanos
    BN - Yan Gomes
    BN - Javier Baez
    SP - Yu Darvish
    SP - Michael Wacha
    SP - Tony Cingrani
    SP - Dan Haren
    SP - Drew Smylie
    RP - Trevor Rosenthal
    RP - Latroy Hawkins
    P - Kelvin Escobar
    P - Marco Estrada
    BN - Taijuan Walker
    BN - James Paxton

    12 teams in the league and there are a few random stats that change things a bit like a catagory for Holds, SHO, CG, NH, Cycle, GS, 2B, and 3B. I'm trying to pull off a trade for a top line starter using one of my infielders as trade bait and then figure I will pick up a closer and a few set up guys along the way.

    1. Sounds like you are in a points/roto league? Love that you have Baez on the bench. I just saw a note today that he played 2B yesterday and the Cubs are trying to find a way to start both him and Castro from the get-go. He is going to be a monster. I would not trade Kipnis for a pitcher you may not get much in return for Simmons and Gyorko. You should be able to find good pitching on your FA list even in a 12 team league.

    2. That is the frustrating thing, for whatever reason this league overvalues pitching! There are a ton of worthy position players available right now like K. Davis, Colhoun, Eaton, B. Miller, C. Carter, I just picked up Dee Gordon for the hell of it anticipating trading Marte and needing to make up SB's! The league is head to head so all it takes is a cycle or slam or SHO a week and you win an extra category.

      Baez without a doubt has the most impressive swing I have ever seen from the right side. Reminds me a little of the Thrill in his finish. Really smooth through the zone and balanced on his follow through. I could easily see him as a top 10 pick next year! If he has eligibility at 3B,SS, and 2B he will be ranked at the top of each of those positions.

      Who are some young pitchers I can target right now? Scott Feldman, Ogando, and Wandy are looking like the most attractive pitchers right now to give you an idea of how bad it is.

    3. Wow! Those are kind of random stats for a H2H league! SHO, CG's, No-No's and Cycles occur so rarely and randomly they are impossible to predict and have little to do with skill and almost everything to do with pure luck. Maybe that's the point?

      Anyway, is Carlos Martinez available? He doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar because he's listed as a no-closer RP, but he is pitching as a starter in ST and looks like he'll be in the Cardinals rotation. As far as high end pitching prospects who are likely to be called up during the season, look for Archie Bradley-DBacks, Jameson Taillon- Pirates and Andrew Heaney- Marlins.