Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Training Game Wrap 3/11/2014: Giants 8 Reds 5

Tim Hudson had a tough start, but Buster Posey was a triple short of hitting for the cycle while Ehire Adrianza strengthened his case for a roster spot with a 2 run HR.  Key Lines:

Joaquin Arias- 2 for 4.  BA= .400.  Arias has been all but forgotten in all the interest in the Adrianza/Abreu debate, but he's having a solid spring.

Buster Posey- 3 for 4, 2B, HR.  BA= .412.  Buster drove in 4 of the Giants 8 runs.

Ehire Adrianza- 1 for 4, HR(2).  BA= .267.  Another statement by Adrianza.  This one was from the right side.  His other one in the first game of the spring was left-handed.

Tim Hudson- 2 for 2, BA= 1.000.  Huddy was quite the hitter in college.  He's definitely going to have bragging rights among the pitchers a lot this year.

Gary Brown- 1 for 2, SB(2).  BA= .267.  Brownie needs to string a few of these lines together and get into a rhythm.

Tim Hudson- 3.2 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 3 BB, 2 K.  ERA= 4.15.  3 walks is a lot for Huddy in a 7 inning start, so he didn't have his A game today.

Jake Dunning- 1.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 3 BB, 1 K.  ERA= 2.08.  A bit of wildness from Dunning.

Erik Cordier- 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 K.  ERA= 0.00.  The key to success for Cordier is putting up 0's in the BB slot.

Marco Scutaro is "not close" to facing live pitching according to Boch.  It's becoming more and more likely he will start the season on the DL, thus opening up the possibility that the Giants can delay their choice between keeping Adrianza or Abreu.


  1. Sounded like Brown had third base stolen but Pagan was hacking away. Use it if you got it.

    Adrianza also lined out vs. Chapman. I think that counts as a hit.

  2. At this point, I think Adrianza has made his statement. There's a lot more Spring to go, and perhaps he won't end up with the best offensive stats of the bunch. But, when you're defense-first, GG-potential shortstop starts leading the team in the homers category in his first real spring, as well as knocking liners against Chapman (I was listening with ya, Ryan), well...I think that's when a front office stops considering the "trade for a low-A prospect" avenue. There's gold in them there hills!!

    So Ehire has garnered the attention, and it makes for an extremely exciting scenario. However, it's what he does with it now...Many make it, not so many can stay. Time will tell.

    But, I'm putting my money on Ehire.

    1. Again, if you ask which player are you going to regret giving up in 3 years, the resounding answer is Ehire. They cannot let him go!, at least IMO.

  3. day after bonds shows up the team scores 8 runs

    coincidence? i think not


    1. LOL at both of you! You two are like Abbott and Costello sometimes..

      However, Buster's home run was ultra satisfying while listening to the game today.. Not that it had anything to do with Bonds, but it was round about time for him to start gearing up the power bat again! Shades of Cincy 2012.

  4. Don't count out Hicks, He is comfortable playing all 4 infield positions.
    FYI, Listened to the Bonds/Bochy Interview on the KNBR podcast. I still love Barry!

    Richard in Winnipeg

  5. Good surprises so far - Minicozzi, Gordier, De Paula, Hicks and Adrianza.

    Almost all were low profile signings like Blanco, Torres, Arias, Casilla in the recent past.