Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scouting the Draft: 2013 Signing Update

The Giants made a flurry of signings in the last couple of days to bring their total to 20 out of 40 draftees.  Of particular note, the signings include their first rounder, Christian Arroyo, 2'nd rounder Ryder Jones(what a great baseball name!), and 4'th rounder Brian Ragira, all of which had characteristics that could have made them tough to sign.  In addition, the Giants were able to sign 2 of the Puerto Rican HS kids taken after round 10, Johneshwy "Eyechart" Fargas, and catcher Rene Melendez, 11'th and 17'th round respectively.

Looks like everybody is signing for right around slot.  I think they might have gotten about $100 K under slot for 3'rd rounder Chase Johnson.

The two biggest names still out there are RHP Dan Slania and RHP Nick Vander Tuig.  I know Vander Tuig is still pitching in the College World Series and can't sign until that is finished.  Not sure if Notre Dame is in that tourney or not.

If they can get those two plus Arenado signed, I'll call this draft a big success.  It would be nice to get just one of the HS kids drafted in the 30-40 range signed, but that would be icing on the cake.  6'9" RHP Dylan Brooks out of Canada is my white whale out of that bunch.


  1. Nice signings eh? Eyechart eh? Well, that is a helluva 11th round pick, that's all I got right now. Watched Vander Tuig pitch last night for the pressure game, and wow did I like what I saw. Might be a guy with pitch to contact profile and non-elite stuff, but he competes. Big time. My line on Slania - he's 275 pounds, Paulie didn't move for nobody (gotta be a Goodfellas fan though). Ty Ross' LSU squad got bounced, so now he has to think about it.

    Here's where the Giants might have got sneaky: John Riley's HS coach is... Raggs brother. The Giants can point him and Nick Cieri straight to Ty Ross' profile and where he got popped this year and say "See son, this is what you're looking at in 3 years". Both guys look very interesting, but there is stiff competition with all the potential bonus babies slipping and appearing to be on the college path. The Giants drafted them late, and they're both doing summer league. Its a "draft and follow" - I finally used the term right! Brooks, he played on the Canadian national team! He has to ponder Odessa (TX) college or coming to play for the Gigantes.

    I like the Giants draft, and as signings come in, it looks like they did their usual job of making sure the kids they pick will sign. Getting Ragira quick was the only thing I was worried about.

  2. Here's a nice article on Vander Tuig:

    Control, feel for pitching, 91-92 MPH heater (we can hope, that sounds a little high from what I've seen). Not afraid to trust his defense and the park!