Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Game Wrap 6/11/2013: Pirates 8 Giants 2

Gerrit Cole held the Giants offense in check in his MLB debut while Tim Lincecum failed to register a QS and the bullpen turned it into a route.  Key Lines:

Torres, Crawford, Abreu- 5 for 12, 2B.  The 6, 7, 8 hitters got 5 of the Giants 8 hits.

Tim Lincecum- 4.2 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 4 K's.  ERA= 4.70.  Timmy has just 1 QS out of his last 5 starts and 2 out of his last 8.  At this point, I don't know what kind of contract Timmy could get on the open market, but I'm not at all sure he is worth a Qualifying Offer.

Gerrit Cole- 6.1 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 0 BB, 2 K's.  ERA= 2.84.  I had a work commitment, so didn't see the game.  The line does not look particularly dominating from a statistical standpoint, but the 0 BB's are impressive, or else unimpressive for the Giants hitters.

The Loss drops the Giants into 3'rd place, 2.5 games behind the D'Backs who are trailing the Dodgers 5-3 in the 8'th inning of their game.  No Dodger lead seems to be safe these days, though.  The Rockies beat the Nationals 8-3 to gain 0.5 games pending the outcome of the D'Backs game.  The Padres topped the Braves 3-2 and sit 5.5 games back in 4'th place while the Dodgers are 8.5 games back in last place.

Barry Zito, who has been terrible in road games takes on Francisco Liriano tomorrow evening.

Addendum:  Looks like Scooter is probably lost for an extended period with an what sounds like an avulsed tendon in his pinkie finger.  Let's all hope Abreu can 1.  Stay healthy and 2. Live up to his vast potential.


  1. Given that Cole only struck out 2, it was more that his pitches looked hittable and they were partially right. Also, consider that Pagan and Sandoval were not in the lineup either.

    Wow, shades of 2011! Pagan, Scutao, Sandoval, Vogelsong, Casilla out for injuries.

    1. True re. Pagan and Sandoval, except their replacements got 2 hits each.

    2. The important piece of the puzzle, one Gerald Dempsey, is still in play. I'm quite sure there will be some 2011 whining going on in the next few days.

      Things get interesting from here on out. Giants are in a dogfight. They need to execute, they need to patch holes (a Sabean strength) and maintain and then hopefully go on a run for the stretch. I would like to see a little more intensity.

      I think that might have to start with Timmy in the pen with a chip on his shoulder instead of a dazed look on his face and bad answers to silly questions post-loss.

  2. exciting game in bum town tonite...mostly due to bean balls and a huge brawl...neither donnie baseball nor gibson have learned the subtleties of payback and ian kennedy better get a seriously stiff fine and long suspension for the attempted beaning of grenkie...a good month of starts should do it

    i think bochy has had it with his players getting pitched way inside, which is why for the first time i can remember, he ordered retaliation for scoots being hit...thing is, bochy did it with an rp who was struggling

    cole has good stuff, most of the hits came late, when he started to run out of gas

    timmy may be done...cant tell as he was also the victim of some poor defense

    tomorrow, sabey sabes gets a reminder of the worst trade of his career

    nitey night


    timmy made a mistake pitch to cole,

    1. Attempted beaning... pretty sure he got him Bacc. I just posted up about this, it was pretty interesting to see some huge names jawing and shoving like old times 30 years past.

      I agree completely that Gibson and Mattingly have no idea how to deal with payback and so you get this scene.

      Bochy is a cool customer about it, but at some point he has to take a stand.

      As far as Wheeler, flags fly forever, you'll get over it in another 10 years Bacci. It'll be OK.

    2. wasnt talking wheels...i think he is going on thursday

      was talking liriano...the trade for carlos was dumb...the trade for aj was bad, because sabean didnt do his due diligence. the moment that aj opted for arbitration rather than an extension...the writing was on the wall...and that was before a single pitch was thrown

      bochy did make a statement tonite...and will end up happily paying the fine

      forgot to note that i think gibson should also get a suspension. its apparent that he did not give kennedy a dressing down after he hit puig in the face

      long gone are the days when retaliation was an actual bean ball....and kennedy throws hard enough to actually kill someone

      for some reason big mac thought it was a good idea to go after matty...someone needs to remind mark that he isnt roided up anymore and matty is pretty much in his playing shape

      oh, and bums did pull out the win...so no harm, no foul on tonite's debacle


    3. Bacci,

      The AJ trade was over 10 years ago and the Giants have 2 flags since then. TIme to get over it, already!

    4. OK, maybe it was 9 years ago, but the point still stands.

    5. Ah, sorry bout that Bacci. I am burned out on Alderson's constant teasing Mets fans to try and maintain some interest in the season for them. I of course differ from you on the trade being dumb, I like winning championships and you don't always get that opportunity.

      I agree about Matt Williams. Its too bad he's a tad bitter about the trade and has gone whole hog for the D-backs. He is a red-ass #1.

      The AJ trade AND the Vlad quote are 9 years old. Been a nice 4 years after all that bitterness.

  3. According to some trade rumours out there, The giants are looking at 2 pitchers (Garza and Norris) as trade candidates come mid-season. Am all for it on acquiring Norris who seems no worse that a 3rd starter, its still young and has 3yrs left until free agent.

    Gerrit Cole was pounding the strike zone with fastball after fastball, very good command of it. Not the Strasburg type of flashy stuff but looks like a solid bet to be a workhorse for yrs to come (ala Matt Cain). Am wondering why his K numbers arent higher, as usually guys with that type of fastball (runs it up to 98mph) get more Ks.