Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Game Wrap 6/12/2013: Pirates 12 Giants 8

Barry Zito got lit up for the everyeth time in a road game. Ramon Ramirez poured gasoline on the fire.  The Giants offense fought back gamely, but could not overcome the generosity of the pitchers.  Key Lines:

Tony Abreu- 3 for 5, 2B.  BA= .400.  That is a very Scooter-like line.  Abreu is a talented player as long as he's healthy.

Hunter Pence- 2 for 4, 2 2B, BB.  BA= .294.  Pence keeps adding to his end-of-season payday.

Juan Perez- 2 for 3, BB, SF, Assist.  BA= .500.  Perez gets a solid start to his MLB career which is getting longer by the game.

Buster Posey(.299), Joaquin Arias(.250), Brandon Belt(.251)- 2 hits each.

Barry Zito-  4.2 IP, 11 H, 8 R, 1 BB, 4 K's.  ERA- 4.79.  I guess it says something that after a game like this, Zito's ERA is still under 5, but he's become something of an automatic blowout on the road.  I would say that picking up his option becomes more iffy by the start.

Ramon Ramirez- 1 IP, 4 H, 3 R, 1 BB, 0 K's.  ERA= 11.12.  Can we please have Hembree or Dunning or Fabio Castillo, or just about anybody?

With the Loss, the Giants sit in 3'rd place in the NL West 2.5 games behind the D'Backs who are locked in another tight one in LA.  The Rockies lost to the Nationals 5-1 and sit 1.5 games out in 2'nd place.  The Pesky Padres topped ATL 5-3 and sit just 4.5 games behind the leaders in 4'th place.  The Dodgers are sitting 7.5 games back pending the completion of their game with the division leaders.

Matt Cain tries to salvage a win in the current 3 game series tomorrow facing Charlie Morton.


  1. doc,

    as im still ticked over the bonds for murcer trade and the perry for mcdowell trades, gonna take a long time for me to deal with the everybody for aj trade

    giants have serious issues, most due to a staff that is pretty wiped from the last 3 seasons, and i hope that sabey sabes doesnt trade the farm looking for help that wont

    it is nice to see the bucs finally being in contention again. they are a fun, young team

    i notice that the league had an ez time dishing out suspensions to bochy and kontos...wonder why its taking them so long to figure out what to do with the bums and snakes

    george is going down and doesnt seem all that unhappy...and i can understand why...he was used way too much and needs some time to get his head straight

    looks like loux's career may be at an end...hard to come back from tj at his age....good guy, and always gave time to fans on twitter...wish him and his family the best

    as im gonna once again be in crawl spaces for most of the day, will probably miss tomorrow's game too


  2. I saw someone on Twitter (might have been Baggs or Schulman) mention that the Giants didn't want to bring up Hembree yet as they might use him as trade bait for a starter and if he struggled after getting called up then it might decrease his value. Sounded like crazy talk at first, but then I looked it up and there are only two teams in the NL with a worse team-ERA than the Giants and I really wouldn't be surprised to see them trade for a starter before the deadline. There is no way they can make a playoff run with them continuing to hemorrhage runs like this.

    1. Emotionally, I would hate seeing them trade Hembree. I've seen him pitch. I know what kind of potential he has. On the other hand, from a more rational standpoint, the Giants system is well stocked with power bullpen arms, so losing Hembree would not be that big a deal in the long term picture.

    2. the same way its stocked with starting much so that they will have to trade the future for an arm?

      come on doc...lets get real here


    3. No, Bacci. If the are well stocked, it is not trading the future. The Farm IS well stocked with SP's. It's just that most of them are still in the lower minors. The bullpen arms are spread out more evenly and bullpen arms move up faster. Again, I'd hate to lose Hembree, but if it was for a guy like Norris who is controlled for 2 more years, I'd be OK with it.

  3. Here are the issues I see on trading Hembree (feel free to weigh in)

    a) What are we getting, and in particular is it someone locked down? A guy like Norris, who can be a 4th starter next year, is critical IMO. We have two starters under contract, and we can pull Zito's option. I believe this is the last year of Vogey's contract and while he's got great heart, I think he's tank is empty. Even if we have him one year more, he goes to the pen. Chaudin solves the 5th starter, assuming he can continue his amazing start so far, but I'm not going to sit here today and think a journeyman guy necessarily gets there. In other words, even with the new SP, we're still one guy down and will have to cross our fingers on Chaudin, Surkamp, Heston, Kickham, etc. as the kids will be in high A/AA (so one year off). So I think there is value in a guy who can bridge the gap until the young studs are ready.

    b) Who do we have to replace Hembree? We have Dunning, Bochy, and Osich between AAA and A. I'm sure there are others. We also have a relatively stocked pull pen now, with Romo under contract for a few years and still relatively young. Kontos just went down to AAA, and let's hope with rest and getting back his mechanics he gets back to last year (when he was effective). Runzler is also doing well now. Even recognizing that some contracts will come up, it seems like we have great potential with Dunning, Runzler, Kontos and Mijares, on top of Romo. Not to mention, depending on which of the guys at the SP level succeed, others could move into the pen. I'm totally discounting the idea that Timmy would move to RP for now since I think someone will be stupid and pay for him. So, a smart trade would make sense as long as it is smart.

    BTW, one note--if we get a guy like Norris, I'd trade Timmy in a heartbeat (unless we get a sandwich pick in next year's draft). Maybe we restock what we give up.