Thursday, May 9, 2013

Scouting the Draft: New Mock; Matt McPhearson has a new mock draft with some comments that imply the author, Kiley McDaniel, has some inside info on players teams might be focusing on.  It's linked over on Big League Futures which is linked to the left.

This mock draft has the Giants taking RHP Aaron Blair from Marshall U.  Blair is a guy I've profiled before.  I really, really like his video.  Big RHP(6'5", 220 lbs) with a 3 pitch repertoire who reportedly has hit 96 MPH on the gun this spring.  The comment says the Giants are also "tied" to HS RHP Phil Bickford and TCU's RHP Andrew Mitchell.  Both Bickford and Mitchell fit similar profiles to Blair.  This mock actually has Bickford going at #24 to the A's.

I'd also like to refer you to some video on the latest post from Big League Futures of HS OF Matt McPhearson.  This kid has blazing speed, but what impressed me in this video is his swing that actually looks like it has some power potential.  I don't know if this kid would still be around in Round 2 but a 1-2 of Aaron Blair in Round 1 and McPhearson is Round 2 would not make me unhappy at all.

As always, for more draft talk visit Shankbone's excellent site You Gotta Like These Kids linked over to the left.

PS:  Here are 2013 stat lines for Aaron Blair and Andrew Mitchell:

Aaron Blair- 5-4, 2.36, 72.1 IP, 26 BB, 78 K's.

Andrew Mitchell- 1-1, 3.07, 41 IP, 26 BB, 52 K's.


  1. I don't know that author, but has always struck me as pretty amateur hour, particularly the giants one, OGC's early efforts notwithstanding.

    That said, this guy seems to have a clue. I just read his chat, it was pretty good. He seems to think Andy McGuire is going large.

    I'm always skeptical of any intel on the Giants, I think its usually just guess work based on their history, ie pitching. But there have been a ton of mocks early sending Mitchell to them, although he looks like a Tidrow project. The Giants are not sharing anything with anybody. They are the monks of MLB and they are awesome.

    We've been in on Blair for months! I still think he'd be good. Seems like a safer pick, but he looks like a horse. I'd be very happy with that.

    One more thing about that chat, the guy seems a bit down on Riley Unroe, but BLF posted up the latest HS stats and Unroe is putting up just as impressive hitting as Frazier! Now its anybodys guess who has the better competition, Georgia HS or Arizona HS. But Unroe has better SB totals than McPhearson! And he has a shot at sticking at short, and is a switch hitter to boot! 4 Ks on the year, 18 BBs. Check out the BLF feature on Unroe, he looks very interesting. Pops is a 5 year MLB'er btw.

    Thanks for the shoutout. I wouldn't go with excellent, but its nice to say. Always keep digging and learning says I.

  2. BA Put up their mock:

    Krook or a falling Chris Anderson. Like we've been talking: lots of arms to choose from.

    I'd note that mock has the A's taking Phil Ervin. That might get a little rage from me... I'd also note that that mock has the A's looking into Travis Demeritte who I'm very very high on. He could be a guy exactly like Addison Russell, where you have late hype and then a snag. He has very impressive bat speed, defensive tools and intangibles.

  3. Does Matt Krook fit the profile as the type of pitcher the Giants would draft? It sounds like it. Jim Calis's chat mentioned that Bickford and Krook seem to be among the top high school pitching prospects.


  4. I've seen Aaron Blairs name thrown around a little bit. What are the chances we snag a 'safe' pick first who will sign for less than slot and use those savings to try and ink a prep arm or bat that has fallen due to $$$$ ?. That was essentially what we did with Panik and Crick. Or, have money to drop on a former 1st round talent that has fallen due to minor injury like Susac.