Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blogger's Note: Break

Hey team!

The wife and I are taking a short road trip to Sausalito to celebrate the Anniversary.  I've attended a couple of meetings there, fell in love with the place and have wanted to go back just for R&R.  I'll be back to regular posting here Sunday evening 6/2/2013.

In the meantime, feel free to use the comments under this post to express your thoughts on the Giants.

Dr B


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Yeah, Sausalito is a really nice place, lots of great places to eat at. Nice places to shop at too, nearby, if that is your wont.

    If you like Key Lime cookies, there is this great place off in Tiburon, a little north of Sausalito, I think Sweet Dreams or Things is the name of the bakery, just off the main exit/road for Tiburon, in a mall off to the left, just before the road turns sharply to the right, if I remember right (it's been years I've been there, plus my accident...)

  2. congrats and enjoy

    although i probably wouldve chose carmel or calistoga


    my thoughts on the giants...they are playing really bad ball


    thank you

    1. Really? Showing your true colors once more? That's a pretty old rubric and amazing that you would bring it out so soon after the Giants won two World Championships on the back of Sabean and gang.

      Clearly still not someone who appreciates what Sabean has done for the Giants.

    2. OGC you just got punked.

      Enjoy Sausalito. I was just there on Tuesday.

    3. ogc needs to lighten up

      guess he missed all my posts on how i really dont care where the giants end up, as long as they are entertaining doing it...and for the most part, they have been

      it is nigh on impossible to repeat...the days of the baseball dynasty, in terms of consecutive ws, has long passed

      and i blame neither boch or sabean for the team's current issues....

      i just like typing ....FIRE SABEAN


    4. Yes, I got punked, I'm a late April's Fool!

      Sorry, I get a visceral BRRRRB! when I see that phrase, just sets me off.

      But I don't see a baseball dynasty as two consecutive WS, to me, it's being competitive every year, and getting deep into the playoffs, and winning multiple WS during a period with a basic core of star players supplemented by other good players. The Giants to me, has started a baseball dynasty, starting in 2009 to present and counting.

  3. Hey, some get-a-way reading. If you didn't catch it, this article on Rodger Craig is what I love about baseball.

    Huummm Baby

    1. Thanks for posting the article.. Roger Craig was part of a fun period starting with the turnaround from the 100 loss season. It says a lot about Craig when one of his former players BB paid his own $$ to give him his 3rd WS ring..


      Happy Anniversary Drb!!

    2. That is a great story, thanks!

      Yeah, Craig was the start of the rebirth of the proud Giants franchise after all the years of wondering in the desert of mediocrity that marked almost all of my early years as a Giants fan. For that, I'll always have a warm spot in my heart for him, Al Rosen, Will Clark, Robbie Thompson, and gang. And he was just such an orginal, with his nice homey saying. I'm happy he's living the good life, he has earned it. Hummm Baby!!!

      Though it still burned like hell back then (not so much now, natch) that he and other former Giants won that elusive World Series championship with the upstart D-backs.

  4. Verrry interesting development at Fresno. While Zach Wheeler was holding the Giants to a run on three hits over 6 innings, a guy by the name of Fabio Castillo was pitching his first gme for Fresno, holding Vegas to 2 runs in 6 while striking out 6.

    Castillo is a year older than Wheeler. It looks like the Giants have put him on the fast track in the starting pitcher derby. He hadn't started a game since 2009. Then he started 2 games at Richmond and did very well. Overall, he struck out 44 in 32 innings there. Hitters were .205 off him.

    If he does OK in his next start, I expect he will be the next emergency starter on the big team.

    Remember the name: Fabio Castillo.

    Walter Guest