Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scouting the Draft: New Mock and Other Thoughts

John Sickels has a new mock draft up on  He has the Giants taking Aaron Judge at #25.  I think his reasoning is a bit shaky on this one.  Judge just doesn't seem to fit the profile of the type of player the Giants have taken in the first round in past drafts.  Maybe that is wishful thinking on my part.  Judge is a great athlete and has tremendous upside, but he is also very tall for a hitter and we've all seen the kinds of problems tall hitters tend to run into.

Some other players on Sickel's mock in the general vicinity of #25:  #22 Orioles- LHP Marco Gonzalez.  #23  Rangers- C Jon Denney.  #24 A's- RHP Aaron Blair.  #26 Yankees- LHP Robert Kaminsky.  #27  Reds- RHP Ryne Stanek.  #28  Cardinals- SS Hunter Dozier.  #29  Rays- 3B Eric Jagielo. #30  Rangers- RHP Hunter Harvey.  #31  Braves- RHP Bobby Wahl.  #32  Yankees- RHP Chris Anderson.

A commenter on Giants Extra seems to think Hunter Harvey is the pitcher Dick Tidrow has his sights set on.  Harvey is a kid I've been taking a longer look at lately too.  He's the son of former MLB reliever Bryan Harvey.  If my memory serves me well, Bryan Harvey was a big thick dude along the lines of Rod Beck and Heath Bell.  His kid is a skinny 6'3", 170 lbs, but has a 94 MPH heater and a nice curveball.  He appears to be wanting to sign out of HS and has lots of room to fill out his frame.  Most mock drafts have him going somewhere in the late first round.

I could also see the Giants being interested in Marco Gonzalez, Blair, Wahl, Anderson and even Hunter Dozier whose stock seems to be rising rapidly.

Matt Garrioch has a 400 player draft board up on  Here is his #23-31:  23.  SS Riley Unroe. 24.  RHP Bobby Wahl.  25.  RHP Chris Anderson.  26.  SS/3b Jan Hernandez.  27.  OF Ryan Boldt.  28.  OF Mason Smith.  29.  OF Justin Williams.  #30.  RHP Jonathan Crawford.  31.  RHP Brett Morales.  Hunter Harvey is #34 on Garrioch's list.

Personally, I would like to see the Giants go for some serious upside and draft one of the HS position players in this range.  Unroe is a scrapiron type player who just might stick at SS.  Hernandez reminds me just a little bit of a young ARod and Williams bat has unreal power upside.  Of the pitchers, I would probably favor Harvey and Morales over the college dudes.

Looking further down Garrioch's list, we find none other than HS 3B Travis Demeritte at #64, the Giants 2'nd round pick.  Other names in that vicinity include #65 LHP Tom Windle and #66 RHP Alex Gonzalez with RHP's Andrew Mitchell and Ryan Eades at #71 and 72 respectively.

Giants 3'rd round pick is #102.  Some names I recognize in that vicinity:  #100  RHP Alex Balog.  #101  RHP Derek Beauprez.  #102  RHP Dylan Covey  #104  RHP Corey Knebel.  #108  RHP Scott Frazier  #109  3B Eric Jagielo.

Giants 4'th round pick will be #133.  I recognize college 3B Chad Pinder at #132 on Garrioch's list.  5'th round #163:  Ryon Healy who is John Klima's white whale is listed at #167.  #193?  I've got Brian Ragira at #192.  He just might stay in school if he's drafted in round 6.

Some other random names from Garrioch's board:  #220  College Sr. OF Brandon Thomas.  #232 HS RHP Chris Oakley who I really like.  He'll probably got to college if drafted this low.  #250  College Sr. RHP Buck Farmer.  #282  HS C/3B Dylan Manwaring.  #283  College 2B/OF Tony Kemp.  #297  College RHP Kyle Finnegan.  #303 College OF Matt Oberste.  #307  College OF young Yaz.  #312  College SS Adam Frazier.  #330 College OF Ryan Tella(Giants drafted him as a draft eligible soph in 2012 and he did not sign).  #336  College OF James Ramsey.  #338  College SS Lonnie Kauppila.  #350  College OF Kyle Wren.  #377  College Sr. 2B LJ Mazzilli.  #384  College Sr RHP Matt Boyd. #386  College OF Tyler Horan(a personal favorite).

So, while this draft is a bit weak at the very top, there is talent to be had way down the list into the 10th, 11'th and 12'th rounds.


  1. Interesting theory by that poster - MadBum is from Hudson NC, Harvey is from Catawba, NC - adjoining counties, a slow country drive from each other.

    I think its hard to find a standout guy for the 1st round. Harvey, or Phil Bickford, or Kaminsky all seem like interesting choices. I assumed Anderson would be long gone but he's starting to fade down the ranks.

    Its nice to have 20 less supplemental picks to wait out, I think we'll get some nice options in that 2nd round. I think 3B/SS is the place the org might move to address this year. And of course, all the pitching!

  2. I saw #100 Alex Balog pitch a dominating game last year against Hawaii. A report said his fastball touched 96MPH. I remember Coach Trappaso sayng on the pre game show the next night saying Hawaii's hitters had better swings against Kyle Zimmer then Balog. They couldn't touch Balog's slider.. I'd be happy if the Giants used a 3rd round pick on Balog.. I also got to see #167 Ryon Healy play 3 straight years against Hawaii.. He didn't show extra base power in the games I saw, but he made hard contact using the whole field. Healy might be a steal in the #5 round. His stats look great this year hitting .345 with 10hrs 48rbis


  3. Drb or Shank - Any thoughts on Norte Dame 3rd baseman Eric Jagielo as a possible Giants 1st round pick? The Giants have been known to put a lot of stock in hitting in the Cape Cod League and Jagielo finished 2nd in Cape last summer with 13 homeruns. I bet picking Jagielo in the 1st round would get Panda's attention to get into shape!


    1. I'm posting in Sickels mock draft but not running it this year. The guy running it this year loves Jagielo. Personally I don't think its very clear he can stick at third. I would rather go after a guy who can definitely stay at third and maybe hack SS/2B: Hunter Dozier. Both guys look like overdrafts in the 1st and gone by the 2nd. So you have to "pull a Panik" and go against consensus if you want the guy. With a first round pick I think I'd rather have an up the middle player. The only 3 guys I see with that profile are Phil Ervin, Dozier and Georgia prepster Travis Demeritte. Both Dozier and Demeritte are more likely to be 3B but have a shot at the middle, and have intriguing power profiles and good intangibles.

      Most likely there will be a dreamy prep pitcher there for the Giants to look at, or a faller like Chris Anderson from Jacksonville. I really like Kaminsky, Bickford or Harvey. One of those 3 should be there. They look like 1st round talent to me.

  4. Drb - Sorry for the additional post, but after reading again Jagielo appears as a possible 3rd round pick #109 while the Baseball America scouting report I read ranked him #17 overall.. Goes to show that scouting baseball talent is not an exact science!

    1. I think the most likely scenario has the Giants taking a pitcher in the first round and then looking at college hitters in rounds 2 and/or 3. There should be several nice ones to choose from in those rounds and Jagielo may well be one.

      My white whale for somewhere in rounds 5-10 is Tyler Horan!