Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Game Wrap 5/15/2013: Blue Jays 11 Giants 3

Wow!  Gulp!  As Giants fans, we have become accustomed to riding the emotional rollercoaster, but my goodness!  They come off a terrific 3 wins against the NL East leading Braves and then.......well, I don't know if I can remember two more ferocious beatdowns than what they took the last 2 nights in Toronto.  I guess the silver lining is it's a 2 game series so the beatings have to stop, at least for this city.  Key Lines:

Angel Pagan- 3 for 5, 2 2B.  BA= .264.  Pagan had been slumping at the plate, but his slump in the field continued as his first inning error helped open the floodgates for a big Toronto inning.

Marco Scutaro- 1 for 3, BB, Sac.  BA= .315.  Scutaro's slump in the field continued too as his error in the first also helped open the floodgates.

Ryan Vogelsong-  2 IP, 6 H, 8 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 1 K.  ERA= 8.06.  Probably time to stop making excuses for Vogie, but when the 2, 3 and 4 batters in the first inning go error, BB, error, it's got to be a bit disheartening.  Coming into this series, the Giants D was the best in baseball by UZR.  No excuse for the shoddy play here.  I was still working when the game started and when I saw the score, I did not turn it on, so I did not see Vogie's velocity in this one.  He's been giving off the impression of running on fumes for his last 2 starts.   This game would seem to not dispel that notion.

The Giants now move on to Colorado where Matt Cain tries to stop the bleeding in game 1 of a 4 games series facing Jhoulys Chacin.


  1. Get us the hell out of Canada. Hopefully for another 4-5 years if the schedule matches up.

  2. no excuses, but vogey pitches to contact and if he doesnt have a d behind him, he is gonna take an arse whooping

    not really sure what goes on with that turf, but it seems to play like concrete

    some of the beat guys were on twitter pointing out an article about what has happened to the majority of pitchers who went to the wbc, and it aint pretty...and i honestly dont think too many are going to offer their services in 3 years

    this wouldve been a good time to skip a vogey start....gotta wonder what they are gonna do next time out...cuz theres no way he wont be overthinking

    and come on...ramon ortiz? these guys couldnt hit him?

    interleague sux

    fake turf sux

    the fairweather fans who are bashing on vogey....suck the mostest


    1. This turf is supposed to be softer than the stuff they had back in the day at the 'Stick and the 'Dome. Maybe the cushion is springier? I mean, it's like the ball accelerates off that stuff! No wonder Toronto can't develop a pitching staff! Did the turf play like that back when the Blue Jays won consecutive WS titles? I don't remember anything that stood out, but that was a long time ago.

  3. Voggie needs a seat for a start or two. Not hating on the guy, but he's thrown a lot of pitches in his life and a lot of stressful innings over his career. If he's running on fumes, I'm glad we got the peak of career, even if it was just 2 years for us. He's a focused competitor and worked well with what he was given, made an all-star team, won a world series, and scored a contract that will set him up for years to come.

    1. I agree he's running on fumes, but when he's fresh, he looks OK. I don't see anything here that a 15+ day stay on the DL just for some R&R wouldn't fix.

  4. Doc, maybe the Giants could pursue Bud Norris and Matt Garza to replace both Vogelsong and Zito. I do believe Vogelsong is done. He hasn't shown anything to prove otherwise. His fastball is barely 90 miles an hour and hitters are laying off it if is not in the zone and is there when Vogey starts leaving it up on the zone.

    1. I"m not ready to say Vogie is done, done. I think what he needs is about 2-4 weeks off. If the Giants had a decent 6'th starter option, they would probably be finding some excuse to put him on the DL just for some R&R. Not sure why you think Zito needs to be replaced after just 2 bad starts out of what, 7?

    2. They are starting to look at the impact of WBC.

      That may or may not be a factor...alone.

      The thing with Vogelsong is that, unlike other starters to play in WBC, he also pitched all the way to the end of last fall's World Series. Now, this may apply to some Detroit pitchers...I haven't checked. In any case, every one is different. Romo seems to be doing OK. But Vogelsong is not. So, we might wonder a bit...all that pitching last year, already a short offseason and he shortened even more to get ready for WBC, pitched the innings he pitched there, even doing OK there and then, when the season started, he started having problems, looking tired...