Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Scouting the 2018 Giants Draft Review: Day 3 Review

The Giants completed Day 3 of the 2018 amateur, or Rule 4, draft with 30 picks starting with the #2 pick in Round 11 and ending with Round 40.  I will post a longer analysis including stats and a profile of each pick as some point in the future.  Unfortunately I am currently pressed for time and will make do with a brief summary.

First of all, I do not recognize by name any of the 30 players the Giants drafted today.  As for trends, they continued to draft a lot of pitchers, generally tall and/or big bodied, mostly RHP's.  They drew heavily from 4 years colleges I have never heard of and many more JC players than I recall seeing in historical Giants drafts.  There was a smattering of position players and a few HS kids who look like they might have some upside and are signable and one in Round 38 who is probably not signable.

Again, this is a test of the scouting staff to see whether scouting, drafting and signing players from the nook, crannies and far corners of the amateur baseball world are undervalued assets and hidden gems or the scouting equivalent of a gold mine in Alaska.


  1. Oh, and their 13'th round pick was George Bell, a CF from someplace called Conner's State College(JC). If that name seems vaguely familiar, yes, he is the son of former AL MVP George Bell.

  2. Lucas Krull, 34th Round. Juco. 10.26 ERA, 16.2 IP, 10 H, 38 BB, 27 SO.

    38 walks in 16.2 innings!!!

    LHP, supposedly 96 MPH with a good spin rate. Supposedly going to play TE for Kansas State or Florida. Unlikely to sign.

    Footage of him throwing on Instagram shows why the Giants took a flyer.

    The Giants will never stop hoping to fix guys with control issues...

  3. In the first round of the draft the Royals picked 2 UofF Gator RHPs!
    Saturday 9 AM on ESPN it's 2 1st roundere head-t-head: Mize vs Singer in Gainesville FL. Auburn has the better pitcher and Florida has the better team.
    Saturday 9:05 it's Rodriguez vs Gonzales in Washington DC with G's going for a series win if Suarez bests Strasburg Friday.
    Giants will face back-to-back-to-back 1st rounders if Nats start Scherzer Sunday.
    Then the Giants 1st rounders will go back-to-back against the Marlins next week.