Saturday, November 7, 2015

Giants 2015 Depth Charts: Corner Outfielders

The Giants are suddenly thin at corner OF after their somewhat surprising decision to not pick up Nori Aoki's option.  It seems like it's now or never for Jarrett Parker and Mac Williamson appears to be almost ready to start mashing MLB pitching.  After that, it a bit hit and miss throughout the farm system.  As always, these lists are my opinion.


Hunter Pence
Gregor Blanco
Jarrett Parker
Mac Williamson

Blanco doubles as the backup CF and Angel Pagan has had trouble staying on the field.  Bobby Evans praised Parker and Williamson, but indicated the Giants don't want to hand them MLB jobs without bringing in some competition.  Expect a trade or FA signing here.


Juan Perez

Lil' Juan just keeps hanging around, but doesn't have enough stick for an MLB corner OF.


Hunter Cole
Devin Harris

Cole had a great season at two levels and is a real sleeper in the system.  Harris has been inching his way up the ladder, but may be running out of time.


Steve Duggar
Tyler Horan

Dugger got a promo from S-K for the Cal League playoffs.  Horan had a very disappointing season for SJ and will likely repeat if he even stays in the organization.


Dylan Davis
Andrew Cain
Cristian Paulino
Ashford Fulmer

Davis has power and a strong arm, but contact issues may force him to use the arm on the mound instead of the OF.  Cain showed flashes of a good bat, but his overall numbers were disappointing after recovery from a debilitating illness.  Well, disappointing is probably not a great way to describe it, because I am sure he feels fortunate to just be playing.  Paulino seems to have some tools, but hasn't really put it all together.  Fulmer is a low round 2015 draft pick whose name happens to be on the Augusta roster.


Julio Pena
Shilo McCall
Byron Murray

I think Murray has some upside.  Pena shows flashes of power but is very inconsistent.  McCall will be fortunate to still be in the organization next season.

Rookie AZL

Roger Edwards

Another late round 2015 draft pick.


Brayan De Pena
Sandro Fabian
Beicker Mendoza
Yendrys Gonzalez

Fabian and Mendoza had strong DSL campaigns at age 17.  De Pena is jumbo sized and will likely end up at 1B.


  1. DrB, are Chuckie Jones and RafRod still in the organization? RafRod is still only 22 and he looked decent before he got hurt. After Jones came back from suspension he looked okay in a pitchers league. Wonder if either can turn the corner.

    I see Austin Slater ending up here even though he is listed at 2B. He was primarily an OF at Stanford. With his bat the Giants need to find a place for him. He is another out of the Duffy and Panik mold.

    1. I do not see either RafRod or Chuckie Jones on the current rosters of any Giants affiliate. I'm guessing they are both minor league FA's who may or may not re-sign with the Giants organization.

    2. Chuckie Jones retired. Not sure about RafRod.

    3. RafRod retired in June.

    4. Ryan Jones was released. I have not seen anything about Chuckie Jones retiring. If you have a link please pass it along. I don't know if he just hasn't updated his Twitter page but it still says San Francisco Giants on it. Weird:

      Chuckie Jones Twitter:

      Here is a link for Jeremy Sy and Ryan Jones:

    5. Both show Voluntarily Retired List for status on Finally found it.



    6. MiLB shows Chuckie Jones and RafRod both as voluntarily retired.

    7. Chuckie Jones, bottom of this list

    8. Well, I guess we settled that!

  2. AFL News:

    Mac Williamson is hitting .378 with a 1.051 OPS with 3 DBLs, 2. HR. He's also drawn 9 walks to 6 SO. He's made no fielding errors.
    Mejia has been struggling with walks in his AFL appearence and his ERA is reflecting it as they're otherwise hitting just .222 against him.
    Arroyo is hitting well, as usual, but is fielding poorly.
    Black has averaged 99MPH (103 peak) with his FB and has 10Ks & 5BB in 6 innings with a 1.5 ERA.
    Slater is hitting .250 with playing 1B instead of 2B.
    Dan Slania is doing a good job in relief -- 2.57 ERA.

  3. There was a Juan Rodriguez that played in the DSL and hit like .363. What's the story with him?

    1. Good question. He is 21 years old, so I guess I sort of wrote him off as a prospect, but we are seeing more older prospects coming out of the DSL than we did a few years ago when you could pretty much write off any who were over 18.