Monday, February 10, 2014

Fantasy Focus: More Mock Drafting

My other mock draft this weekend was an auction.  Completely different dynamic.  You have a chance to get any player you want that you are willing to outbid the field on.  I think you'll be surprised at how similar my roster ended up compared to the traditional snake draft.  I know I was!  We had 23 roster spots and the standard $260 to spend.

C      Wilin Rosario $13
1B    Joey Votto $34
2B    Jurickson Profar $10
3B    David Wright $34
SS    Ian Desmond $28
OF   Ryan Braun $44
OF   Starling Marte $22
OF   Mark Trumbo $15
UT   Josh Hamilton $15
UT   Ben Revere $2
SP    Matt Cain $15
SP    Hiroki Kuroda $7
RP   Tyson Ross $1
RP   Joe Kelly $1
P      Patrick Corbin $2
P      Justin Masterson $2
P      Jake Peavy $1
P      Zack Wheeler $2
BN  Chris Tillman $1
BN  Tim Lincecum $2
BN  Bartolo Colon $2
BN  Taijuan Walker $1
BN  Dan Haren $1

Again, I wanted to punt Saves, a strategy that worked out well for me last year.  I wanted to build a very strong offense as that was my downfall last year.  I had two possible strategies going in.  1.  If I could get either Trout and/or Miguel Cabrera for $60 or less, I was willing to try to go stars and scrubs. As I suspected, both went for over $60 as people tend to overpay like crazy for elite players in mock drafts.  There are no other players I am willing to go over $50 for.  Ryan Braun is a guy who ordinarily I would rank #3 overall and would be willing to go over $50 for so I think he is a bargain at $44.

The biggest overspend was on Starling Marte.  $22 is way too much to pay when his projection is approximately the same as Christian Yelich who I could have had for $2 late in the draft.  I could have used the $20 saving on better frontline pitching.  Profar at 2B is an overpay.  I kind of panicked on him although Aaron Hill also went for $10 much later in the draft, so maybe not.  Profar could be a bust or he could have the kind of huge breakout the Rangers seem think is likely enough to trade away Ian Kinsler for.

The other overspend was on Ian Desmond.  I really like his 5 category contribution, but when JJ Hardy and Jed Lowrie were available for under $5 late in the draft, again, maybe I should have spent the extra $20 on more pitching.

I am very happy with the back end of my pitching.  I just wish I had better frontline guys.  By waiting on 2B and SS, I could have freed up approximately $40 which would have bought at least 1 ace, possibly 2.

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