Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dr B's 2014 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #38 Blake Miller

Blake Miller, 1B.  B-R, T-R.  6'3", 195 lbs.  DOB:  4/25/1990.

College(Western Oregon U):  .372/.457/.528, 18 2B, 2 3B, 3 HR, 26 BB, 28 K, 22 SB, 199 AB.
Rookie AZL:  .211/.412/.237, 10 BB, 12 K, 38 AB.
Short Season:  .309/.373/.485, 3 HR, 9 BB, 19 K, 97 AB.

Blake Miller was drafted as a SS in round 25 of the 2013 draft out of a program I had never heard of, but is apparently quite a force in DII baseball, Western Oregon U.  Prior to his season with WOU, he played 2 seasons with Sacramento St. in 2010 and 2011.  He missed the 2012 season, presumably due to injury.  Miller was initially assigned to the Arizona Giants where he apparently did not see many pitches in the strike zone mostly drawing walks in a short stint.  He was then promoted to S-K where he got to play pro ball in his hometown.  He finished the season as the S-K starting 1B.

 He's always been a low K guy.  He also had low walk rates at Sac St. but last year showed an ability to take a walk too while maintaining good K rates.  He seems to be more of a line-drive/gap power hitter which may not be enough for 1B.  He has the size to increase his HR rate.  He's definitely old for the level, but the missed season is a mitigating factor.  In addition to raw age vs level numbers, you also have to factor in when he started his pro career.

I expect him to be assigned to Low A Augusta in 2014 where he will have to compete with Craig Massoni, Jonathan Jones and Sam Eberle for the 1B position.  Maybe one of the 4 goes to SJ to pair up with Joey Rapp?


  1. GNAC MVP... might be one of my favorite prospects in the Giants system based on that alone. WOU has won something like the last 13 GNAC baseball titles (I attended a GNAC school in MT, and now work for the same university). Definitely a powerhouse out here, although I don't think they match up real well against schools like Chico State (my first college). Still, it's pretty cool to see a GNAC player in the Giants system. Thanks for including him in your list.

  2. Has anyone heard any updates of Gustavo Cabrera's injury? is he expected to miss this season, or worse?

  3. Blake Miller played for Western Oregon University in 2012 and 2013. He and Bo Folkinga were GNAC co Players of the Year in 2012 and Blake was voted the West Region D-II Player of the Year in 2013. Blake was also a consensus All- American in 2012. The WOU played the Chico State's and San Diego University teams extremely well in 2012. The team finished 40-11 overall and 29-3 in league play, all three losses coming on the road by one run. The team hosted the 2012 West Regional but lost two straight games. The weekend before they hosted Regionals they had a five day road trip from Monmouth, Oregon to Billings, Montana getting back from Montana at about 6 am Monday with Regionals starting Thursday. This was one of the greatest teams ever in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference.