Sunday, February 10, 2019

DrB's 2019 Giants Top 50 Prospects: #49 Conner Nurse

Conner Nurse, RHP.  DOB:  7/31/1999.  6'6", 210 lbs.  Drafted 2017, Round 34.

2018 R:  1-1, 3.23 ERA, 53 IP, 9.51 K/9, 4.42 BB/9, 1.69 GB/FB.

I generally reserve the last couple of slots on the Top 50 for lottery ticket, high ceiling/high risk type prospects.  I am cautiously optimistic the Giants found themselves a gem in the late rounds of the 2017 draft in Conner Nurse.  He signed for $250 K which is approximately 6'th round money.  The Giants put him to work at their complex after the draft but he did not appear in any official AZL games in 2017.  MCC has a link to a Reddit chat he hosted during that time.  It sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders and is approaching his pro career with a mature perspective.

Other reason for optimism is his pre-draft PG scouting report.  Here are a few excerpts:  FB up to 92 MPH.  "Extra-large, athletic frame with broad shoulders and long limbs, leaner build with room to fill out but also has present strength throughout."....shows balance and ability to repeat, leading to lots of strikes."  "...near over-the-top release point, does a nice job of working on top of the ball to generate nice angle on fastball."  "Curveball shows hammer depth at 79 MPH from similar release point..."  "Has confidence and feel in his changeup.." "Nice feel for a full arsenal and throws off speed pitches for strikes regularly."  Video confirms those comments.  His arms are long and thin, but the shoulders are broad.  He has some muscular bulk in the upper legs, hips and butt.

He worked as SP in games in his second summer at the complex with encouraging results.  Even though it was his second pro season, his birthdate made it just his age 18 season.  The Giants have a choice between sending him to Augusta to start 2019 or keep him in camp for 2.5 months then send him to Salem-Keizer.  I'd like to see him in Augusta where the environment is a lot more pitcher-friendly than S-K.  He's got a long way to go, but I see a ton of upside with at least #3 SP potential.


  1. Very solid baseball name as well. Trade him to the Yankees so that idiot announcer John Sterling can say something like “and the nurse has found a cure for the middle of the red sox lineup!” or “nursing a 1 run lead, Connor has kept this team on life support over the last three innings” or “Nurse gives his team a shot in the arm with that performance!” or “Dont forget to get your flu shots today, the Nurse is on duty”... on second thought, do everything possible to make sure this kid never pitches in Yankee stadium. Thanks Kruk, Kuip, Miller, and Flem for never making me want to throw up in my mouth every time you make a call!

    1. Sounds like you should try out to be a Yankees announcer. LOL!

  2. Based on his 2018 stats, I would like to see him in Augusta. He is still very young, only 19 this season but this kid has a huge upside and 4 pitches. I want to see how he handles more experienced hitters.