Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Training Game Wrap 3/21/2017: Giants 5 Padres 3

Nick Hundley and Chris Marrero provided the Giants offense with 3 dingers that drove in all 5 runs for a win over division rival Padres.  Key Lines:

Chris Marrero 1B- 2 for 3, HR(5).  BA= .302.  It was actually Marrero's 6'th dinger of the spring including a non-Cactus League game agains Team Puerto Rico.  Marrero has made a convincing case for himself to land an Opening Day roster spot.

Nick Hundley C- 2 for 3, 2 HR(2).  BA= .323.  Hundley doesn't have to worry about a roster spot and is looking like the offensive upgrade at the reserve catcher position the Giants signed him to be.

Madison Bumgarner LHP- 2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K's.  ERA= 2.50.  Bumgarner pitched just 2 innings to limit his exposure to a division rival's lineup.  After leaving the game, he pitched a bullpen to bring his total pitch count to 85.

Ty Blach LHP- 3 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 2 K's.  ERA= 5.02.  Blach stays in the mix for either the 5'th SP role or a bullpen role which would seem to be a hybrid of long-relief/swingman and lefty specialist.

George Kontos and Derek Law pitched 1 scoreless inning each.


Matt Cain starts tomorrow against the Brewers in what could be a critical start in his quest to regain his spot in the Giants starting rotation.  RHP Albert Suarez is also slated to see action.


Injuries have started to narrow the Opening Day roster choices a bit for Manager Bruce Bochy:

We've already mentioned that Mac Williamson is likely out for a prolonged period with a quad strain which would seem to lock up the starting LF job for Jarrett Parker.

Injuries have plagued Michael Morse his entire career.  He suffered a hammy strain that will likely sideline him past Opening Day.  That would seem to increase Chris Marrero's chances of making the team, although Aaron Hill and Jae-Gyun Hwang may be competing for the same role.

The Giants got bad news from LHP Will Smith who has a left elbow sprain/strain which will almost certainly sideline him for an extended period.  There is even talk of possible TJ surgery which, of course, would put him out for the entire season.  Steven Okert had seemingly already locked down the other lefty reliever job.  Smith's absence creates an opening for another lefty reliever.  Ty Blach would seem to be the leader if Matt Cain can nail down the 5'th starter role.  Blach is attractive because he is effective against both L and R handed hitters and can go multiple innings, but he can also be used as a LOOGY if the situation calls for it.  Josh Osich is probably still in the mix, but walked 3 batters in his last appearance and time is running out.  LHP Michael Roth is also in camp, but has yet to prove he can be used in anything resembling a high leverage role, or even medium leverage!


RHP Ryan Vogelsong was released by the Twins at his request, but if the Twins don't have a spot on their pitching staff for him, I'm not sure who would.  Padres?


  1. If Cain continues to prove he is not the 5th starter and loses the spot to Blach, but Osich continues to pitch the way he has lately, where is Blach more needed? In the bullpen or as a 5th starter? I would say the rotation. I just can't see Cain turning it around and earning the spot. Suarez is probably in the mix, but Stratton could be a good option for the bullpen to keep Blach in the rotation. For what its worth, Stratton's numbers versus left handed batters is actually better than right handed batters last season in Sacramento, plus his small sample size this spring was very good.

    1. Cain had good peripherals in his last start. Let's see how he does today. The Giants will give him every chance. It could come down to the wire like Zito in 2012.

  2. WBC: What a great finish for US, although Melancon was anything but boring! Posey not to catch championship game although he could DH.
    After nailing down the job thanks to injuries, the bad Parker showed up yesterday. His 4-for-4 in Ks put him over 50% 3-true-outcomes for ST.

  3. Vogelsong: #5 in SF?

  4. A note for anyone who hasn't had a chance to catch the game today:

    Cain's like of 7 his & 4er in the 5th isn't as good as it looks (hyperbole intended). All of that does not show the 2 near HRs in the 2nd inning that Span tracked down (sounds like Span is moving really well), note the smash down the 3b line that Hill speared with a remarkable play, starting a double play.

    So, the good news: great defense from the Gs. Bad news = Cain was even worse than that horrid line implies.

    Beede's time may have arrived early!

  5. Cain will start the season #5 for at least 2 games, unless the Giants conjure up some "injury" to leave him in AZ.
    Matt has earned the right to fail. It's not October.
    Blach will be the 2nd LHP in the BP. And the "long" guy.
    Tomlinson won't climb over the Hill. Sad.
    Parker will start in LF because everyone else has failed, at the plate or physically.
    Hernandez will be the 4th OFer because who else.
    Gillaspie and Hundley were preordained.
    Posey, Belt, Panik, Crawford, Nunez, Pence, Span, Parker, Gillaspe, Hundley, and Hill are 11 of 12 or 13.
    Comes down to Marrero and Hwang, or both. Outside chance for Calixte and Ruggiano, less likely than drawing to an inside straight.
    Bumgarner, Cueto, Moore, Samarjiza, Cain, Blach, Okert, Melancon, Law, Strickland, and Kontos. 1 or 2 of Suarez, Gearrin, and Ramirez. Hernandez went from probable to probably not.
    Osich, Roth, and Stratton need a couple more injuries.
    That Crick is in a discussion is a victory for him. Maybe Stratton is in that category, too.
    It was more exciting a week ago.

    1. "Matt has earned the right to fail"

      And has sadly taken full advantage of it.