Friday, March 31, 2017

Random Bold Predictions for the 2017 MLB Season

Predictions are silly but they are fun.  They are even more fun if you go way out on a limb and don't expect many of them to actually happen.  Here we go:

1.  Dexter Fowler will put up an fWAR of greater than 5.0 for the St Louis Cardinals.

2.  Addison Russell will hit more than 30 HR's for the Cubs.

3.  Greg Bird will hit more than 40 HR's for the Yankees.

4.  Mike Foltynewicz will pitch at least 180 innings with an ERA under 4.00 for the Braves.

5.  David Price will not pitch in 2017 for the Red Sox.

6.  Jharel Cotton will pitch at least 150  innings with an ERA of 3.50 or less for the Oakland A's.

7.  The Dodgers will experience a 100% turnover of their Starting Rotation by the end of the season.

8.  Giancarlo Stanton will stay healthy all season and hit at least 50 HR's.

9.  The Padres will lose at least 120 games.

10.  Aaron Altherr will hit at least 20 HR's and steal at least 20 bases for the Phillies.

What are YOUR bold MLB Predictions for 2017?


  1. This sounds like fun!

    1. Bryce Harper wins the MVP after a monster season in which he goes for 50+ Hr and 25+ SB and...

    2. This leads the Nationals to the World Series where the President throws out the first pitch in Game 1 and is booed mercilessly

    3. The Orioles allow Dylan Bundy to throw his cutter again and he becomes one of the best starters in the American League.

    4. Michael Brantley is finally healthy again for a full season and wins AL Comeback Player of the Year, leading to...

    5. The Indians winning the World Series over the Nationals in 7 games when...

    6. Soon to be named AL Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber outduels NL Cy Young award runner up Max Scherzer in an epic pitchers duel.

    7. Greg Holland wins the NL Comeback Player of the Year Award after saving 46 games for the Rockies.

    8. Gerrit Cole is healthy again and wins the NL Cy Young Award but in the NL "Play In" game...

    9. Brandon Crawford hits a victory sealing grand slam off his brother in law.

    10. Carlos Correa barely edges out Mike Trout and Manny Machado for the AL MVP award.

    1. Those are good. I hope you are right about Harper. I drafted in for my Fantasy team.

    2. Sometimes I wish there was a like button... As for Harper, he's not on my team. He was second after Trout and I drafted third... Got Kershaw instead. So I'm hoping he finishes second in the Cy Young to Bumgarner or Cueto. I have Cueto.

  2. National League Predictions Only
    1. The Rockies Trevor Story, Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon and Carlos Gonzalez combine for 160 HRs. This power surge will lead to #2.

    2. The Colorado Rockies will start the season hot and be in first place until May 15th and remain competitive until the All-Star break when their pitching implodes once again.

    3. Chris Marrero becomes the starting LF and leads the SF Giants in HRs with 25.

    4. Billy Hamilton will steal 90 bases.

    5. Adam Duvall will hit 40 HRs.

    6. Madison Bumgarner will pitch 240 innings with a 2.60 ERA.

    7. The Andrew Miller Effect will spread with Padres Brad Hand, Cards Trevor Rosenthal, Cubs Mike Montgomery, Marlins David Phelps and Reds Raisel Iglesias all pitching 80 + innings.

    8. Noah Syndergaard wins NL Cy Young.

    9. Dodgers trade Yasiel Puig to the Yankees for a PTBNL.

    10. Reds and Brewers play a game at some point this season where each team has to pitch 2 position players because they emptied their bullpens in an extra inning slugfest.

    1. I'm going to say Thor undergoes Tommy John surgery in August.

    2. I have to agree with DB on Thor. The guys' mechanics just scream Tommy John sooner or later.

  3. Giants have the best staff since the 1954 Indians and sweep them in the WS (again).
    Matt Cain looks a lot like the 1954 Bob Feller and doesn't get into the series (either)!

  4. 1. Bumgarner finally wins the Cy Young 230 IP, 2.65 ERA.

    2. The Cardinals improve to a 90-win team and give the Cubs a run for it as the Cubs suffer from some regression.

    3. The Giants win the division with 94 wins.

    4. Matt Moore regains most of his form (because Posey keeps his mechanics stable) and finishes the year 200+ IP with a 3.4ish ERA.

    5. Samardzija continues to drive fans nuts. At least three months of outstanding pitching sandwiched around two WTF months. Finishes season with a 3.7ish ERA.

    6. Marrero regresses to the AAAA player he's been for his career and Williamson is called up by June to take over LF where he locks it down for the starting role after the All-Star break, making Parker (essentially) a part-timer/bench player.

    7. Tyler Beede called up to replace Cain in early June. Puts up respectable numbers.

    8. Trea Turner swipes 60 bags and everyone (including me) wonders why they didn't draft him earlier in Fantasy Baseball.

    9. Yu Darvish wins the AL Cy Young while leading the MLB in strike outs.

    10. Brandon Belt becomes a Top-5 WAR 1B. Some fans still want to trade him for a bag of chips as he doesn't meet their belief in what 1B should be...

  5. I like your predictions with the exception of #2. Don't see the Cards improving with their starting pitching staff having some question marks. Waino getting old, Wacha needing to rebound, Leake a middle of the road SP. Their relievers are strong, but will need to throw a lot of innings especially playing in NL Central. Also would be remiss with your #6 as it conflicts with my prediction on Marrero. I hope I am right and his spring translates into the season.

  6. The 538 website has the Cards going 81-81 with a run differential of +4 runs. Hey, but this is what makes your top ten predictions fun, when you step out of the box.

    1. I think the Cardinals may surprise some people. I am particularly bullish on Dexter Fowler who I think is going to be a major force at the top of their lineup. I hear Matt Adams is in much better shape and ready to mash from the left side too.