Friday, February 17, 2017

Hot Stove Update: Giants sign Slade Heathcott

Slade Heathcott, OF.  DOB:  9/28/1990.  B-L, T-L.  6'0", 195 lbs.

2016 AAA(Yankees):  .230/.271/.310, 5 2B, 3B, 5.2 BB%, 32.0 K%, 97 PA.
2016 AAA(White Sox):  .258/.407/.366, 2 2B, 3B, 2 HR, 18/5 BB%, 25.3 K%, 119 PA.

The Giants signed former Yankees first round draft pick Slade Heathcott for a minor league contract with a spring training invitation.  Heathcott is a tremendous athlete who can play above average D in CF, but whose bat has never really developed.  Heathcott has a history of substance and alcohol abuse problems as well as anger management issues, but reportedly is clean now with help from AA and finding religion.

Heathcott will be 4 OF's fighting for a bench role who can reasonably play CF, Gorkys Hernandez, Justin Ruggiano, Wynton Bernard and Heathcott.


The Giants have signed Vince Coleman(yes, THAT Vince Coleman) to be a roving minor league baserunning instructor.


  1. Vince Coleman. There was some bad blood between the Giants and the Cards back then. The Vince Coleman brawl
    or this with Coleman and Clark.
    and my favorite, when Candy Maldonado made Ozzie Smith magically disappear from the TV screen.

  2. This makes little sense, beyond throwing schtuff against the wall and seeing what sticks.
    He bats LH negating his value somewhat for platooning with Span, he has lengthy DL history, he strikes out too much, and he hasn't had much power at any level -- other than being a potential CFer, how could he be better than keeping Williamson AND Parker?
    He is Theresa Dunn Looking for Mr Goodbar, and those old enough know how that ended up.

  3. Is there anyone they HAVEN'T signed? lol.

  4. Hope Sabean is correct when he said "Tyler Beede will be with the Giants before we blink our eyes". Interested to see how the 5TH starter competition shakes out this spring.


  5. He'll be in minor league camp. No MLB camp invite.