Friday, February 3, 2017

DrB's 2017 Giants Top 50 Prospects: Dominican Dandies

Angeddy Almanzar 1B.  DOB:  6/30/1998.  B-R, T-R.  6'2", 180 lbs.

2016 DSL:  .294/.373/.438/.17 2B, 3B, 5 HR, 8.1 BB%, 17.7 K%, 271 AB.

5 dingers may not seem like a lot, but it tied him for 18'th in a league with 42 teams.  Combine that with a strong BA and better than average BB and K percents and I think we have a hitter here.


Ismael Munguia OF.  DOB:  10/19/1998.  B-L, T-L.  5'10", 158 lbs.

2016 DSL:  .274/.359/.363, 13 2B, 4 3B, 8 SB, 11.0 BB%, 5.5 K%, 273 PA.

From Nicaragua. Very young, but already showing some gap power and look at that K/BB!  8 CS cause for concern that he may not be a SB threat going forward.


Ricardo Genoves C/1B.  DOB:  5/14/1999.  B-R, T-R.  6'2", 190 lbs.

2016 DSL:  .256/.342/.333, 13 2B, HR, 9.4 BB%, 14.5 K%, 235 PA.

$550 K bonus baby.  Solid pro debut with strong peripherals.  Represented the Giants in the DSL All-Star Game.


Jesus Reyes RHP.  DOB:  7/31/1996.  6'4", 176 lbs.

4-1, 1.51, 35.2 IP, 4.29 BB/9, 11.61 K/9, GO/AO= 2.00.

Giants pitching representative to the DSL All-Star Game.


Jose Marte RHP.  DOB:  6/14/1996.  6'3", 180 lbs.

1-1, 1.89, 19 IP, 4.74 BB/9, 8.53 K/9, GO/AO= 2.36.

Reported by Eric Longerhagen, who spotted him in Arizona, to throw in the mid-90's.


  1. I remember Marte's name. I think he was signed at 19... Had a fastball which sat in the low-90s, and touched 93, when he signed. Glad to see he's improving because $50K is cheap for that kind of talent.

  2. Re Ismael Munguia: he played as a 17 yo, is that young (for the DSL)? Maybe he's fast (played some CF) and doesn't know how to run the bases?
    On a different topic, do the Giants and the A's not trade because of the ballpark issue?
    Although the lack of trading goes pretty far back, before the San Jose flap.
    There was the noteworthy trade of many for Vida Blue 40 years ago (which didn't really help the Giants much), and SF got Rod Beck who did help.
    The last trade was in 1990 and amounted to little (Riles for Lewis).
    Heck, we gave them Dusty Baker! For what? Probably to save some salary, a half-mill!
    Shouldn't Oakland have some interest in Jarrett Parker: take his games against the A's out of his "career" and he's just another minor league banger, probably not a 50-50 candidate to be the Giants LFer. Ought to be able to get at least a pretty interesting prospect.