Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Game Wrap 5/28/2014: Giants 5 Cubs 0

Tim Lincecum pitched 5 hitless innings but was lifted for a PH due to a high pitch count.  The Giants broke through with 5 runs in the 6'th and 7'th innings while the bullpen gave up the no-no, but finished the shutout.  Key Lines:

Angel Pagan- 2 for 3, 2B, Sac, PO.  BA= .324.  Pagan continues to lead the way and generally be the MVP of the team.

Pablo Sandoval- 2 for 3, BB.   BA= .246.  Sandoval stays hot.

Hector Sanchez- 1 for 4, 2B.  BA= .247.  Sanchez continues to get the most out of his hits driving in 2 runs in the 3-run 7'th for the coup d'grace on the Cubs.

Tim Lincecum- 5 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 4 BB, 5 K's, GO/AO= 7/2.  ERA= 4.18.  What in interesting line!  Again it was a ragged performance by Timmy, but talk about being effectively wild!  I'm sure there is much discussion about taking Timmy out after just 96 pitches when he threw 149 or something like that in his no-hitter last year.  I think Bochy was probably remember the start that followed the no-hitter and decided to pull the plug before it got into the late innings and would become even harder to pull him with the no-no still intact.  I agree with the decision.  The Dodgers pitching is coming around big time and with the way Colorado is playing, the Giants are going to need all hands healthy and on-deck during the dog days of late July and August if they want to hang onto this race.  The goal here is to win a third championship in 5 years, not get one of the starters a no-hitter just for the sake of it.

George Kontos- 1.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K's.  ERA= 0.00.  Kontos kept the no-hitter going into the 7'th inning.  He's already been a big shot in the arm for the bullpen.

Juan Gutierrez- 1.1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K.  ERA=  3.42.  Affeldt relieved Kontos and didn't get anyone out.  I did not see the game so don't know if Affeldt barked at Bochy again for taking him out.  I've been a bit down on Gutierrez but he got out 4 big outs after Machi got out of Affeldt's jam.

With the Win, the Giants are sitting 5 games up on the second place Dodgers in the NL West pending the outcome of the Dodgers game with Cincy.  The Reds are currently leading 2-1 in the 6'th inning.  The Rockies lost to the Phillies 6-3 to fall to fall 6 games off the pace in 3'rd place.  The 4'th place Padres are playing the last place D'Backs under the lights.

The Giants now embark on a 7 game road trip to St. Louis and Cincinnati with Ryan Vogelsong trying to get things off to a great start against the Cardinals and Jaime Garcia tomorrow evening.


  1. if any have noticed, ive pretty much given up questioning the moves of sabey sabes and bochy, this season

    not so over at the merc, where those guys were beside themselves when kontos got the call

    the kid has good stuff...he just has occasional mental lapses....which he seems to have dealt with on his recent stint in fresno

    looks to me the guy who needs some work is huff, so i expect him to go down once june and the extended home stands roll around next week

    timmy did his job wasnt pretty, but he kept the team in the game until they could get to the cubbies pen

    on the other side, im a bit curious as to why nate has more of a crouch this season than isnt working and he should look at last seasons game films to see that his crouch was not as pronounced

    the rox lost on a walk off and the bums and kershaw are currently giants may end up going on road trip with a bit of cushion

    they are gonna need and cinci play well at home

    so far, this has been a seriously enjoyable season

    btw....when was the last time a pitcher in the majors left a game with a no no going...and didnt get the win?


    1. Bums lost, so we are 5-1/2 up on them.

      I want to applaud Bacci for being sparing in criticizing Bochy and Sabean. The great majority of such critiques I see do not take the first, necessary step in evaluating the deliberate actions of rational actors, which is to start by asking for the most favorable rational explanation for why they did what they did, especially since they're privy to information that the evaluator doesn't have. When I yell at my computer screen, as some Giant pitcher or batter looks to me as though he's making a fool of himself, and demand that Bochy do or not do something that I feel he should, I don't try to reason why he's not listening to my cries of anger and angst. But that behavior of mine isn't, I think, relevant to making public written judgments on a blog; it's just my acting up. I'm glad that bacci's acting up isn't being solidified and exhibited, as I'm glad that my own isn't, and I hope other bloggers follow his example.

    2. Thanks, Bacci.

      Well, I don't know if the Giants success this season will be sustained to the end, but the record speaks for itself. Sabes and Bochy have done a whole lot more right than wrong.

    3. I pretty sure that Huff doesn't have any options left, so if he comes of the roster he is going to have to pass through waivers before he reaches the minors. The Red Birds are tough at home (15-9) but the Queen city team is merely 12-12, so the road isn't too scary. Amazingly, Krukow was the last guy to get pulled during a no hitter, but I don't know if he won or not.

    4. "if any have noticed, ive pretty much given up questioning the moves of sabey sabes and bochy, this season"

      Seriously, whenever the fans give them heat over roster moves, and upgrades, they get proven wrong. You would think Giants fans would be use to this and take a wait and see attitude, but instead it's like people go on campaigns to hate on a player, or a strategy even when it's paying off.

    5. I agree, though necessarily with 'whenever,'

      It's more likely 90% of the time.

      Fans get lucky once in a while. Without it, fandom wouldn't be much fun.

    6. As fans and armchair generals, it is our duty to question something. There's always someone or something that is wrong! Wrong, I tell you! And we know how to fix it.
      (snark intended)

  2. Vichy noted in post game notes that Timmy was developing a blister and that was a big factor in taking him out, before it got too bad.

    1. Well, there ya go! I still think it was a good move whether he was developing a blister or not.

    2. I think it was a good move too, and (a little) easier this time with Timmy having already gotten his first no-hitter last year.

    3. BTW, looking just his numbers, I wonder if Timmy is evolving to Hudson's 'pitching to contact' or something else? Maybe a mixture of both? He seems to be still getting his strikeouts, though not as prodigiously???

      Anyone who watches him can help with that question?

    4. I think Timmy is evolving but into more of an offspeed stuff pitcher with just enough FB's to keep hitters honest. I think he will always be more of a strikeout pitcher than Huddy and won't ever rely in a sinking FB the way Huddy does. Just my opinion based on my own observations up to this point.