Friday, January 3, 2014

Scouting the Draft: 3 HS LHP's

We'll take a quick look at 3 HS LHP's who will be eligible for the 2014 draft.  These guys would all probably be good for late first or supplemental round picks, but there is an good chance that at least 2 would fall to the mid 2'nd round where the Giants will be selecting and an outside chance that at least 1 will be there in round 3:

Mac Marshall, Georgia.  6'2", 185 lbs.  FB 90-94.  Strong frame.  3/4 release point.  3 pitch mix.  Ranked #21 by BLF, 43 by Minor League Ball, 15 by BA!

Justus Sheffield, Tennessee.  6'0", 190 lbs.  FB 88-93.  Big lower half, strong frame.  3/4 release point.  3 pitch mix.  Ranked 41 buy BLF, 44 by Minor League Ball, 38 by BA.

Foster Griffin, Florida.  6'5", 195 lbs.  FB 89-92.  Tall and thin, but with a big enough frame to fill out considerably.  Windup and delivery reminiscent of Madison Bumgarner with a slightly higher release point, but has the long drawback.  3 pitch mix.  Ranked #46 by BLF, #104 by Minor League Ball.  Not in BA's top 50 draft prospects but ranks #53 in the top 100 HS prospects which would put him in the low 100's.   I really like this kid's growth potential and upside.  Would make a very nice 3'rd round snag for the Giants!

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